Drug Addiction

Drug Intervention

All too often, an addict or alcoholic will require a drug intervention in order to get the help they really need. Subconsciously, they may know they need to stop using but, it’s their conscious mind that is keeping them in the cycle of addiction. They desperately need help and are literally trapped.

In such a case, the individual will not even admit they have a problem and are in need of professional help. They are in complete denial. They have shut off their family and real friends, and opt to hang out only with other drug or alcohol dependent people. They are crying for help and are clueless as to what is going on the real world.  They will be in need of a drug intervention.

In most cases, the family will band together and decide to do a drug intervention. Sometimes, they will hire the professional interventionist, because the subject matter is way too heavy and complicated and they are afraid to mishandle the entire situation. They are very wise to consult a professional because, an intervention gone bad, will only drive the individual further away. An intervention is a very delicate matter and should be undergone only after a great deal of thought, research and planning.

Due to reality shows and the vast media appeal of a drug intervention, many are already familiar with the process. The abuser is lured to a location, usually under false pretense, and then forced to face everyone who cares about them and loves them. The family and friends, one by one, tell the person, how the drug(s) have affected the individual and how their relationship has been affected by it. Though, the afflicted has always known this, they’ve been running from their feelings for so long, they may be really upset to have to confront them now, when they weren’t expecting it. They react in various manners, either they become very humble or cry, or they get angry, lashing out at everyone.  When they become agitated and irate is when the professionally really shines, they act as a mediator between the addict and the loved ones. They are not regarded as such a threat and the person in need will not be as quick to jump on them. They are, in fact, more apt to listen to the objective individual, in lieu of a stressed out family member who’d been on their back for an extended period of time.

So, any time you are seeking help for someone who’s struggling with addiction, consider the fact that a drug intervention may be necessary. If they are in denial and won’t discuss or consider the idea that they need help, most definitely, consider bringing in a professional. It could save their life.