Drug Addiction

Drug Recovery

Do you know someone who is in drug recovery and what exactly does that mean?  Well, to anyone involved in a 12 step program, it means that they are not actively using drugs or alcohol. My thought, however, is that wouldn’t it be better to be recovered from drug or alcohol addiction. To say that one is in recovery sounds a bit dismal to me.  I would definitely rather be recovered from an addiction.

Drug recovery is a term used for those who are merely hoping they won’t use or drink today. That’s not my idea of living to the fullest.  I feel it is much more positive to think that I’m healed of an addiction.  Drug addiction or alcohol abuse is no easy thing to overcome but, it can be done. There are many people who have done just that. They no longer obsess in thought about using or drinking. They have overcome their addiction.

How is this accomplished?  There are actually residuals of drugs or alcohol left behind in the fat cells of the body. These tiny parts of drugs or alcohol will actually be released into the bloodstream at various times in one’s life during any strenuous activity and will restimulate the individual to use again. These residuals tell the person’s brain it is necessary to use or drink again in order to achieve a good feeling. In order to truly overcome an addiction, one must be free of these residuals. This sounds like an impossible task but, it’s not. Programs using a sauna therapy should be researched as they are the only facilities that are addressing the effects of handling the body first, in order to stop the cravings. Then the mind is handled through extensive cognitive therapy.  In essence, to say the person is in drug recovery means they are merely fighting the urge to use or drink repeatedly. Then the question arises, are they really in recovery?

Again, to be in drug recovery means they are literally battling the addiction every day. I see it much more effective to handle, to take control of, the issues of both the body and the mind so the person is no longer fighting to stay clean. I know I would much prefer to live productively, actively able to reach for and achieve goals, especially a mere goal to stay sober and clean today.  12 step programs are based on the theory that anyone can live with addiction one day at a day. I choose to think of long term plans and goals. I choose to live from this point, the point of recovery, on to lead my life pursuing many dreams and accomplishing many goals for the rest of my life.