Drug Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, illegal drug abuse has risen to the highest it has been in 8 years. The primary increase of drugs being abused included marijuana, as well as ecstasy and methamphetamine. Prescription drugs are being abused widely by over 10 million Americans.

The abuse of alcohol has also skyrocketed with more than 52% of Americans who have used it.

Drug and alcohol abuse has become a rapidly growing problem in the U.S., as well as, all over the rest of the world. With so many new drugs coming out that are being abused, it is difficult to know what solutions are available when you know someone struggling with an addiction to either.

How It Starts

Drug and alcohol abuse often starts innocently enough. An individual has a problem that they do not have a solution for and the alcohol or drugs provide a temporary solution to them for this problem. Because of their addictive qualities once a person starts using these substances, it is very easy to continue to use them. This is the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse.

Once the person becomes addicted to either drugs or alcohol they begin to develop more and more problems. During this time the substances have started to eat away at the body and have started to destroy the major organs.

Often continued abuse can result in damage that cannot be made up to the body, no matter what.

Symptoms of Abuse

Once a person starts to abuse drugs and alcohol it is very difficult to stop without some form of treatment. There are many signs and symptoms of abuse that indicate that a person has a problem. They include:

•    Caring less and less about yourself and your body.
•    Neglecting those around you.
•    Burning bridges with your family and friends.
•    Going to all lengths to get your next high.
•    Drinking alcohol in excess.
•    Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not drinking or taking drugs.
•    Feeling like your life revolves around using drugs or drinking alcohol.

Who Drug Abuse Effects

Drug abuse doesn’t just affect the addict but the family and loved ones as well.

Many addicts will burn almost every single bridge they have with family and friends.

Many users may resort to stealing from friends and family and will begin to lie and cheat them, if this will aid in them getting their next high. Eventually, family and friends may give up on the addict and feel a sense of loss that is difficult or even impossible to get over. There are also family members that will enable their loved one. This is when they will aid in allowing the addict to continue to use drugs. Often the family member does not have bad intentions when they do this however it ends up with the person continuing to use. Examples of enabling including giving the addict money, a place to live or even paying bills for the person or taking them to get drugs or drink alcohol.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Solution

By deciding to go to rehab for your drug or alcohol abuse, an individual is able to regain control of their life. There are some that get so consumed by their problem that they do not think help is possible. However a treatment program can and will stop drug addiction permanently. The most important aspect of treatment is that the treatment you are getting produces results.

The Narconon program is a long-term, residential treatment facility with a more than 70% success rate for permanent sobriety. Graduates of the program go on to lead happy, successful, drug-free lives. Narconon has been saving lives since the 1960’s and has helped people all over the world with both drug and alcohol abuse issues.

For more information on Narconon call 800-468-6933.

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