Drug Addiction

Heroin Effects

There is absolutely no positive heroin effects anyone addicted to heroin would claim. Heroin destroys lives, not only that of the person addicted but also their family, friends and those around them. One of the main heroin effects is a feeling of powerlessness experienced by the person addicted and those trying to help them.

When a person first tries heroin they have no idea of the devastating heroin effects awaiting them around the corner. First time users are told of the euphoric feeling heroin gives, making everything okay in their world. This is the big selling point that drug dealers tell the uninitiated.

At first the drug does give the euphoria. However, the more a person uses the heroin trying to capture that first high, the less likely they will get the same high and almost undoubtedly they will become addicted. With continued use heroin becomes the only thing of importance in their world. A person will begin doing things they swore they would never do.

Heroin completely changes a person. A good, law-abiding person will soon find themselves committing crimes against family, friends and strangers. The reason for this is that the heroin effects have taken over their life.

At first they were using heroin and getting high. Then they have to use heroin to feel normal. As this occurs the amount needed to feel normal is much larger than they originally started out using. Now they get to the point that if they do not have heroin they will become physically ill. A person who is addicted to heroin will do anything to avoid this due to how debilitating the illness becomes. This is also known as withdrawing or “kicking” from heroin.

The “kicking” of heroin consists of something like the super flu times ten. A person will experience nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, hot and cold chills and sweats, leg jerks, insomnia, bones which feel like glass and will shatter at the slightest touch, irritability and of course depression. This can last anywhere from five days to two weeks or more.

So severe is the withdrawal from heroin effects that a person is willing to do anything to avoid experiencing this. Word of mouth from those who have had to withdraw are convincing to others addicted to heroin to steal, lie or cheat from family, friends, their community or even strangers who cross their path. Many take the path of prostitution so they can get money for more heroin or in exchange for sexual favors. This opens a whole other door of heroin effects, none good.

Anyone considering trying heroin needs to reconsider. There are absolutely no positive heroin effects in any shape or form. Think twice before losing control of your life to heroin.