Drug Addiction

Marijuana Help

The statistics on marijuana abuse are staggering. It is a problem wide spread across the world.  Marijuana is considered a gateway drug. In other words, it’s often the first drug one will experiment with which often leads to the use of harder and more dangerous drugs. Part of the solution to ending the war on drugs is appropriate marijuana help for the individual. This can seem to be an enormous task.  It is imperative to find the right help for the person abusing marijuana.

This, in itself, can be overwhelming. The numbers of centers and resources available are everywhere. With internet access, doctor referrals, hotline numbers, etc., one can be easily discouraged. Since marijuana is not considered a harsh or dangerous drug by most of today’s society, it is often overlooked and thus the person using it falls through the cracks and moves on to the harder drugs. So, in essence, it is vitally important to find appropriate marijuana help for the individual.

My feelings are to make every effort to find effective marijuana help as soon as possible in order to avoid any future mistakes. Finding the best help available will involve a lot of research. Ask your physician, ask your friends who have had similar issues, get on the internet and be prepared to spend ample time researching it. Word of mouth is often the best tool available. Many have been through the very same thing and have faced the same challenges you may be addressing now, so get out there and do your homework. Do not be afraid to ask questions and seek all the help you can.

I know when I was growing up, my family believed that we did not air our “dirty laundry” and kept everything amongst ourselves. This was not in any way, meant to do any further harm, but looking back, I can see that it potentially was a huge mistake. I moved on from pot and alcohol to cocaine. I became a serious coke head and ended up shooting the poison into my body on a regular basis. Had I have gotten good marijuana help and the incentive to stop smoking it, I may have never gotten so far off the deep end with cocaine. This little coke habit I developed, landed me in jail on numerous occasions, took possession of my mind and my soul for many years and caused me to stray so far from the loving family and values I knew as a child. I broke every rule I knew and valued.  I can not say, “Well, at least I never stole anything”, I did. I can’t say I did not hurt my family and everyone who love me, because I did. My advice is to seek the best rehab center you can find and worry about the cost later because if you don’t, the cost may be a lot higher later.