Drug Behavior

When a person is addicted to drugs they often times display drug behavior. Drug behavior is the modified behavior that the individual displays when they are addicted to drugs.

There are many general drug behaviors that indicate that a person is addicted to drugs. These include a change in personality and physical appearance as well as an increased amount of attention on obtaining and using drugs. The drug user will lose interested in anything and anyone that doesn’t have to do with using drugs. They will start to lose things in their lives as a result of following through with responsibilities.

Other drug using behavior that you may see is that the individual will stop communicating with non-drug users and may hide things that they are doing from family members and others who are close to the addict. The person may also deny the drug use and become resentful with those that attempt to help him/her.

There are also specific drug behaviors when a person is hooked on a specific drug. For example, when someone is using an opiate; i.e. a drug like heroin or OxyContin or a prescription pain medication their drug behavior will be that they will be in a relaxed and euphoric state. And, when someone is using a stimulant, drugs like methamphetamine or crack cocaine, the drug behavior will be increased energy and paranoia.

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