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According to drug rehab Overland Park sources, Overland Park, Kansas suffers from the same general drug distribution and abuse problems as its neighbor across the river, Kansas City, Missouri. The Midwest cities are transit points for illicit substances traveling from the Southwest border to major metropolitan areas in the North and Northeast. Using the medley of Interstates and US Highways that surround Overland Park – I-70, I-235, I-29, US Highways 69, 71 and others – Mexican drug cartels move cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and increasing amounts of heroin through the area. By maintaining empty apartments and houses, they can stash supplies needed for immediate distribution and move the remainder of shipments on east and north, leading to widespread Overland Park substance abuse.
Drug traffickers are also moving south into this region. Asian and Caucasian rings bring MDMA (Ecstasy) and Canadian marijuana down from the northern border. Canadian hydroponic marijuana is higher quality and so is sought by some groups who want the more potent product over the commercial grade distributed by Mexican traffickers.
Once the drugs are in the area, it’s normally the job of African American and Hispanic gangs to retail the drugs. Gang members also convert cocaine to crack and sell that, mostly in the urban sections of Kansas City. Among all the illicit drugs, the trafficking and dealing of crack cocaine is the most consistently associated with high levels of violent crime, often because gang members fight over distribution turf.

Prescription Drug Abuse on the Rise – Leading to an Unexpected Twist

For the last few years, prescription drug abuse has been increasing in the Midwest, leading to a growing need for quality rehab Overland Park families can trust. Some communities just seem like a magnet for those willing to distribute massive amounts of prescription drugs. A summit was called in Kansas City, Kansas in September, 2011 to assist the coordination of Overland Park rehab professionals and law enforcement agencies in fighting this problem. US Attorney Barry Grissom stated, “We are seeing more cases of accidental poisoning, addiction and overdose deaths. It is not an overstatement to call this an epidemic. It is a major threat to public health and safety.”
But what may not have been expected was that those who became addicted to prescription opiates like OxyContin, Vicodin or Percocet might switch to heroin when money gets tight. Heroin is usually cheaper than prescription pills on the black market, depending on the quality. Since there is still a stigma attached to the use of needle drugs, many people making this switch will smoke the heroin instead of inject it. Responding to the greater demand, more Mexican and South American heroin is being found in Overland Park and the surrounding area. It is expected that growth in the heroin market will be followed by increases in fatal drug overdoses and admissions to Overland Park drug rehab treatment for heroin addiction which were still low in late 2011.

Methamphetamine is Major Drug Distributed in Areas Surrounding Kansas City

While crack cocaine is a dominant drug being sold and consumed in the inner city portion of Kansas City, when you get into outlying areas like Overland Park, methamphetamine is a greater threat. Most of the methamphetamine consumed is Mexican in origin, although there has been an increase in Kansas meth lab discoveries since a new, more efficient method of meth production was developed in about 2008. But right next door in Missouri, you have a state that has long been a hotbed of methamphetamine production, with five to twenty times the meth labs discovered in Missouri as in the surrounding states.
Methamphetamine addiction is often associated with non-violent crime, meaning that high levels of this drug in circulation will lead to more burglary, identity theft, car theft and fraud.

Treatment Statistics Show that Many People Needing Help Still Don’t Find it

For the half-million people in Johnson County, there are 31 Overland Park alcohol rehab and drug rehab centers in operation. Many of these are small, outpatient Overland Park rehab centers. Alcohol is the most likely drug to send people to rehabilitation, followed by marijuana. As in most areas, more than a third of those entering an Overland Park rehab center for marijuana addiction are under 18 years of age.
Across Kansas, more than 200,000 people are addicted to drugs or alcohol. But only about 19,000 find openings in drug Overland Park rehab facilities. Unfortunately, the primary reason people do not get treatment at a drug or alcohol rehab Overland Park offers when they need it is that they don’t see the problem. Their families, spouses, children and co-workers may see it but as far too typical with drug or alcohol addiction, the addicted person himself does not get it.
This is why working with a full-service drug rehab center such as Narconon Arrowhead is invaluable. Not only do they stand out as one of the most successful rehab centers Overland Park residents can find, they also help families bridge the gap between their knowing the addicted person needs help and the addict himself or herself realizing it. Narconon intake counselors can help provide professional interventionists who may be just what is needed to defuse a stressful and life-threatening situation.
Once the addicted person arrives at Narconon Arrowhead for recovery, he or she will find a holistic, drug-free program that addresses the underlying problems that got the addictive pattern started in the first place. After graduation from the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, those going home stay clean and sober in seven out of ten cases, unlike the poor success rate of many drug rehab Overland Park facilities.
Call today to learn about Overland Park drug rehab centers and Overland Park alcohol rehab centers, and get help caring for the loved one who is addicted to street drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol today. Call 800-469-6933 and ask for an rehab center Overland Park intake counselor for the fastest service.


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