Alcohol and Drug Rehab Wichita Centers and Facilities

The Wichita area is amply supplied by drugs primarily by Mexican drug trafficking organizations that run stash houses in the area. As Wichita sits on the intersection of Interstate 35 and US Highway 54, it is on the route used by drug traffickers to move their products from the Southwest border to large metropolitan areas in the East or North. According to drug rehab Wichita sources, drug cartel members maintain empty apartments or houses in the Wichita area in which they store modest quantities of drugs, replenishing them as needed. Locally, many of the drug sales are carried out by the many African American or Hispanic gangs in the area, leading to widespread Wichita substance abuse.
The primary drug problems in the area are methamphetamine and crack cocaine, with prescription drugs being a rising concern for Wichita rehab professionals. There has also been more heroin coming into the area recently, which is understandable when you consider a rising use of prescription drugs in the area. As more Kansas citizens abuse prescription pain medication, more will become addicted to opiates. Heroin is usually cheaper than prescription pain medication like OxyContin or Vicodin, so once an addicted person starts to run out of money, they may switch to heroin. In some areas, a bag of heroin costs less than a six-pack of beer. It is expected that this recent phenomenon will be followed by an increased number of Wichita drug rehab admissions for heroin addiction and more overdoses.

Changes in Laws Suppress Meth Labs but New Manufacture Methods Cause Numbers to Increase Again

In 2004 and 2005, when state laws changed across the country to restrict the sales of cold medication with pseudoephedrine, most states saw the number of meth labs discovered fall dramatically because the meth cooks could not get this essential ingredient. In 2008 and 2009, with the development of new methods of manufacture that require much less pseudoephedrine, it once again became viable for small-time meth cooks to cook up product for sale. Meth cooks now brew meth in a couple of 2-liter bottles in the back of a moving car. When they drive around with the windows open, it causes the stink of manufacture to dissipate and thus protects them from detection. In Wichita, a man was arrested on September 20,, 2011 after police officers noticed suspicious chemicals in his car parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot. It turned out that they were correct; the man had been brewing meth in his car.
Those addicted to meth often add to the law enforcement load of a community by supporting their drug habits through crime. It’s common to see meth addicts commit burglary, fraud and identity theft.
Much of the cocaine in the area is converted to crack cocaine, especially by gangs involved in drug dealing. Trafficking in crack cocaine is particularly likely to add high levels of violent crime to a community.
In June 2010, a Wichita man was sentenced to 20 years in jail for selling as much as five kilograms of cocaine a week for five years or more. He purchased the drugs from Hispanic sellers and sold it in smaller packages to Wichita gang members for further distribution.

Wichita Rehab Center Treatment Admissions

While federal surveys indicate that 217,000 people in Kansas were dependent on or addicted to drugs or alcohol in 2009, only about 19,000 people were actually able to find drug or alcohol rehab Wichita treatment in Wichita rehab centers. That’s less than one in ten.
Alcohol addiction is the number one drug sending people to Wichita alcohol rehab addiction treatment, with more than 8,000 people reporting alcohol as a primary or secondary addictive drug. Marijuana followed with more than 5,000 people entering  Wichita rehab facilities because they could not give up this habit, and methamphetamine was next in line. More than 2,000 people found Wichita rehab center treatment for addiction to this corrosive and highly addictive drug. Cocaine sent about 1,700 to rehab Wichita providers for treatment, when you combine the crack cocaine with the powder cocaine addicts.

The Only Outcomes of Wichita Substance Abuse and Addiction are Prison, Sobriety or Death

A person seeking rehab center Wichita addiction help for himself or herself, or for a loved one is seeking the best possible outcome: long-lasting sobriety. It is possible to achieve sobriety after addiction to alcohol, methamphetamine, opiates like heroin or prescription drugs, or other drugs. The Narconon Arrowhead drug rehabilitation center in Canadian, Oklahoma has provided service to individuals from all over Kansas, Texas and other nearby states who want a drug rehab program with an excellent success rate. There are never any substitute drugs used in the Narconon program, but instead, healthy methods are used to ease an addicted person’s withdrawal. With the most positive withdrawal experience possible behind them, those entering the drug treatment program at Narconon find a rational approach to recovery.
The basic reasons a person began using drugs are addressed by helping each person build a new drug-free life that includes the life skills needed to make the right decisions. An innovating sauna and nutritional program enables each person’s body to flush out old drug residues in a process that most people say greatly reduces their cravings.
Before making any decisions about your alcohol or drug rehab Wichita treatment program, find out how the Narconon Arrowhead program is different and how it results in seven out of ten graduates staying sober after they go home. For immediate service, call Narconon today at 800-468-6933 to learn about the rehab centers Wichita has to offer, including Wichita drug rehab centers and Wichita alcohol rehab centers. Narconon specializes in helping Wichita citizens overcome addiction.


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