Drug Rehab at Narconon Arrowhead

When a person enters our drug rehab program they often feel that there is no hope. After many decisions to change, each resulting in failure, a person addicted can decide that there really isn’t any way of getting back the happy, healthy and productive life they vaguely remember. The person struggling with addiction has often tried to get their life back through various treatment or recovery approaches, each time failing one more time. This further fuels the individual’s idea that maybe they are destined to live in the misery and shame of addiction forever.  

The real truth is that a person can overcome addiction. The real truth is that an individual can undo the damages done by using and abusing drugs and alcohol and regain their self respect and pride. The truth is a person can rebuild the basic life skills needed to effectively return to society as a productive, contributing member and take their health, relationships, career, and more to new heights!

Addiction is not a disease as once thought. Addiction is not unchangeable and final. Addiction is merely the accumulation of negative effects that drugs, alcohol, and the lifestyle that accompanies their use. It is true that, collectively, these negative effects can really weigh a person down. It is true that these issues can be very difficult to simply just walk away from. However, it is also proven that the person’s ability to handle these issues can be raised. The individual suffering from addiction can be assisted to the point that they can and do resume control of their life and live it the way they originally intended.

Just stopping the consumption of drug and alcohol use is never enough. Countless people have forced themselves to abstain from drug or alcohol use for some period of time only to find that the life of constant struggle to stay “clean and sober” is seemingly as miserable as the life they had while using. The person has not fully handled their addiction. Handling addiction does not mean abstaining from use. It means regaining the ability to live the life the individual once desperately wanted, this time the way that will truly produce the joy and happiness they originally sought.

As our graduates will tell you, the Narconon Drug Rehab Program at truly does help that person realize that they can achieve the life they wanted all along but had somehow given up on. Over 70% of our graduates indeed rise to new heights.


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