Drug Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

You may find yourself in the process of looking for drug and alcohol treatment centers and are feeling very unsure about how to proceed.  The following will provide you some preliminary guidelines that should be of assistance to you. This is a very important decision that affects the life of yourself or your loved one and should be entered into with great care. Initially, this may be something you feel ashamed of and are reluctant to disclose any information to anyone else. This is one of the greatest barriers to obtaining help. It may help you to know that approximately 85% of the households in the US are directly affected by drug or alcohol abuse in some manner. That being said, be honest with yourself and any possible help candidate you speak to. The more knowledge you disclose, the better they will be able to help you.  Another very beneficial tool is word of mouth.  Many of your friends, family members or co-workers have been through a similar experience and you probably don’t realize it. Their personal feedback on the research they have done and the results they uncovered are definitely one of the most valuable tools for you to access. So, don’t be too embarrassed to ask for assistance. Searching for drug and alcohol treatment centers is a daunting task but, it’s definitely doable with determination and extensive research.

Another great tool is the internet, of course. There are various centers to choose from. You will need to have some data gathered together before you begin working the phone on this one. You need to know drug of choice and whether you are seeking long term or short term care.  Are you looking for a 12 step program or would an alternative type program benefit the most? You will want to speak with certified counselors.  What is the success rate of the program?  How is their success rates tracked?  Also, you need to know how their program works, the structure of the program is crucial. Do they handle both the body and the mind, which are equally important factors in the full recovery of yourself or your loved one?  Have a pen and paper handy for every call. The primary focus should not be the cost; the best programs are not free.  Most state funded drug and alcohol treatment centers are not the best choices to make.  You’ll find they do the very minimal they can to help and are usually located in the worst sections of town and only serve to detox the person. There will be minimal aftercare, if any.

In conclusion, when seeking alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers, be honest. Be diligent. Don’t let cost cloud your decision and be persistent.  Remember, this decision may save a life.