Ecstasy (MDMA): Ecstasy is a synthetic drug that produces both stimulation and hallucinatory effects and is associated with increased energy, sensual arousal and enhanced tactile sensations. The majority of MDMA is produced in laboratories in Europe and then smuggled into the United States. It produces nerve cell damage that can result in psychiatric disturbances and long-term cognitive impairments.

The user will often experience muscle tension, tremors, blurred vision, and increased body temperature which can result in organ failure and death. MDMA is usually distributed in tablet form and many of these tablets are imprinted with designs or commercial logos. The effects of MDMA are felt within 30-45 minutes, peaking at 60-90 minutes, and last 4-6 hours.


Heightened senses, teeth grinding and dehydration.

Overdose Effects

Increased body temperature, electrolyte imbalance, cardiac arrest, possible death.

Street Names

Ecstasy, XTC, Adam; MDA Love Drug; MDEA (Eve); MBDB, hug, beans, molly


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