Being here has changed my life

When one finds happiness, success, peace and fulfillment in life, what more could one ask? Winning the lottery, however big, wouldn’t provide the same feelings, those same feelings, that working at Narconon® Arrowhead provides.

The professionalism, which is demanded, makes it possible for the staff to change the lives of the students (clients) for the better. Being part of that professionalism, that caring, honest, clever, and committed group is a breath-taking experience.

After stumbling around most of my life searching for just this total happiness, I stumbled onto Narconon Arrowhead. I was, as always in my life, very, very lucky to find all I found here. Being here has changed my life. Staying here changes my life for the better every day.

Bob W.
Narconon Arrowhead Graduate, July 2005
Story written May 2007