I have changed my life

Marty J.
Marty J.
On Sunday September 23 2007, after being up for 48 hours, parting on Methamphetamine, pain pills, and a lot of alcohol, I went into a bar in my home town that I hadn’t been in, in 25 years. After sitting down at the bar I realized that the same people were sitting there that were sitting there 25 years ago when I originally walked in. It hit me that I really needed to do something with my life.

My parents had tried to get me to go to rehab for the past 15 years. I went home that Sunday night, called my parents and said, “I need to get help I want to go to rehab.” Monday I went to lunch with my 4 sisters and my mother and the next thing I knew I was on the phone with Dena Boman at Narconon Arrowhead. I arrived at Narconon on September 27th 2007.

I have always had a dream of becoming a sober person. Thanks to the technology used at Narconon I have been given the ability to be that person. 

Vicky and a friend of ours had heard how well I was doing on my program from my mother back home in Indiana and she contacted me. I talked to her about the program and about how much I liked it here. She decided to come to address her addiction issues with pain medications. Soon after Vicky arrived, our friend Danny called. He too was battling addiction and wished that he could get help too, he literally felt that he was dying. Danny was addicted to alcohol.

Vicky, Danny and myself are living proof that no matter what your addiction whether it is Methamphetamine, pain killers, or alcohol, Narconon Arrowhead can help. 

It feels good to know that I have changed my life and that this change has affected two other lives forever. Now I know that I can return home and my two friends will be there with me, alive and sober. The beautiful thing is that we all learned the same techniques so we will be able to help each other in our day to day lives to apply this new found data. 

We are sober and we are together, now THAT is a success!