I have purpose

ImageBack in 1991, I slipped and fell at work on my tail bone.  I was struggling with the pain and ultimately that resulted in many back surgeries and the addiction of Vicodin, Loritab, Percocet, Methadone, Oxycotin and what ever Opiate was available.  My mother became very ill in 1997 so I quit my job and began taking care of her in Bella Vista Arkansas.  It was a trying time, but I would not have given up taking care of her no matter what.  My survival was diminishing and I really was not aware of that until after mom passed in February of 2007.  I was out of work, all alone, and lying in a hospital bed after another surgery, in my home.  I woke up one morning to find I could not use my right arm and hand nor could I feel my right leg.  Of course I took a handful of pills and tried to shake the feeling into my body but it would not wake up.  Finally, I called the paramedics and was taken to the hospital.  The diagnosis was a stroke but I took off, out the doors from the hospital and back to duplicating my same routine of pill taking and laying in bed.  I can remember thinking, who cares if I can not use my hand, I don’t need to play the piano anymore, I don’t have to work.  Nothing mattered, until I ran out of my drugs and my bottle was empty.  I was a mess, my mind was not clear and my body was not healthy.  I was dying, 5’8’’ and 90 pounds. 
Narconon gave me the tools I needed to apply and survive that terrible cycle of addiction.  I am not afraid to confront myself or others and I will never go down that road of depression, guilt and anxiety again.  My mind is clear, and my body is healthy.  The big win is, "I am alive and I have purpose"  I am in control, the drugs are not in control of me.  I am productive, energetic, caring, understanding and frankly "Loving who I am and all the beauty that surrounds me everyday".