It is possible to stay clean!


So it’s been over four years now. I only know that because I sat down and thought about it. It’s not on the top of my head like something I’m just waiting to have come crashing down on me. My life is full. Now and then I remember to stop and think about the ride I’ve had.

At one point in my life, any success meant that a steep fall was sure to follow. The wins I accumulated were almost always the result of underhanded dealings, scams, and the general unethical behavior that a drug addict lives by. Turns out, they weren’t wins at all. They turned out to be the bench marks I can identify in my past that point out just how quickly I was spiraling downward to the ruin my life became.

My life began with all the promise of anyone’s. It was mine for the taking. All laid out. But for all that was so close, I wasn’t able to grab it. A successful family contracting company, a beautiful girlfriend who loved me, and a family who would support me to the end. All of these things that I had managed to leave in the wake of my own personal destruction.

Fortunately, it was my parents’ disbelief of the common thought that hope is not really something that was a reality when you were talking about a meth addict. It was their unwillingness to buy into the idea of disconnecting and waiting for me to hit rock bottom that saved me. It was my parents who found Narconon Arrowhead!

So it’s been over four years now. The point is not that I’ve been able to stay clean, but that my life has been an absolute rocket ride since the day I entered the Narconon® program. This is from someone who, over four years ago, would tell anyone that it’s not possible to stay clean. Well, staying clean really isn’t a concern for me. It’s the ones who are not clean that concern me now.

After graduating Arrowhead, I began to get involved with my community’s efforts to be free of drugs. Armed with the knowledge that it is possible to overcome addiction and a newfound level of responsibility towards my life and environment, I started to steer families toward the same salvation that I had found in Narconon.

With the continued support of individuals like DannaSue and Dena, I began working as an Interventionist. Finally, I had found purpose! Finally, fulfillment!
Along the line of my new quest in saving the world, life started to work for me.

My family had grown stronger than ever, I married the beautiful girlfriend, and somehow, I ended up moving from the little town in Iowa to join one of the most impressive groups of individuals I have ever met. I am now the Director of Interventions with Addiction Help Services in Clearwater FL, a group dedicated to the growth of Narconon.

I recently returned home to attend the wedding of the first person I was able to help. Now that’s a cycle!

So it’s been over four years now. With no end in sight, I AM HAPPY!

Joe M.
Narconon Arrowhead Graduate (March 14, 2003)
Story written May 2007