Thank you for saving my life.

Narconon Saved My Life
I am a 12 ½ year Graduate of the Narconon® Program. Narconon not only saved my life, it gave me my life back.

I was a real mess, strung out on crack cocaine. I was at such a point in my life where I was just spinning in circles. Drugs had truly taken control of my life. I had become the type of person that most people would not want to be around. I became a liar not only to myself but to everyone around me and I did not care who I hurt in the process. Drugs cost me several jobs, cars, and it even cost me my marriage, but the most important thing it cost me was my relationship with my family. I was at such a place in my life where I just did not care.

Then one day my dog, of all things, ran and jumped into my lap and just sat there and looked up at me as if to say, "What are you doing to yourself?" It was at that very moment I just completely broke down and I got on the phone with my mom and dad and, admitted I had a problem and that I needed help. My dad came and got me from my apartment and took me back to their house. Now it must have been faith because before I called my parents they were watching a talk show that was talking about the Narconon program. They called up Narconon and they told them that their son needed help. When I got to my parent’s house my mom told me to call Narconon, that there was a gentleman there that wanted to talk to me, so I called him.

I can say now that it was the most important call I have ever made. His name was Gary Smith, and he talked to me, not like I was just another crackhead, but he talked to me like a friend. The next day I was on a plane to Narconon Chilocco in Oklahoma. Once I arrived at Narconon, I knew this is where I needed to be. I was scared to death, but I had to do this or else I was going to end up dead somewhere. At first I thought that the program was a little silly, but as I went through the program and with the help of the wonderful staff, I really started to see a difference in myself. I began to believe in myself again. Now I am a real person again, and I owe everything that I am today to the Narconon Program. If you or someone you know needs help, Narconon is truly the place you need to be. To the Staff here at Narconon I thank you again for saving my life.

Glenn S.
Narconon Chilocco Graduate (Oct. 26, 1995)
Story written August 2007

Narconon Chilocco is the original Narconon of Oklahoma. In 2001 it moved to Canadian Oklahoma and is now referred to as Narconon Arrowhead.