Club Drug Rehab Houston

The club drug use in Houston, Texas is increasing rapidly as is the need for the club drug rehab.

Other dangerous drugs (ODDs) include the club drugs MDMA, GHB and its analogs, ketamine, LSD, and Rohypnol; the hallucinogen PCP; and diverted pharmaceuticals. MDMA is readily available and abused in Houston, Texas and poses a considerable drug threat to the city.  Other ODDs present varying threats to Houston, Texas. Various criminal groups transport club drugs into Houston, Texas via private vehicles, commercial aircraft, couriers on foot (crossing the U.S.-Mexico border), and package delivery services. Club drugs primarily are sold and abused by middle-class, suburban teenagers and young adults at raves and nightclubs and on college campuses. PCP generally is distributed by local independent dealers throughout the city.   As the youth in Houston gets high the need for club drug rehab is felt city wide.

Club drugs consist of illicit drugs that are commonly diverted and used at dance clubs and raves, including MDMA, GHB and its analogs, ketamine, LSD, and Rohypnol. These drugs are increasingly being used in suburban and rural areas. Club drugs are becoming increasingly popular in Houston, Texas, particularly among teenagers and young adults. Club drugs are a major concern among law enforcement and health professionals in Houston, Texas, who report increasing availability and use.  The availability and use of club drugs in the area fuel the need for club drug rehab, education and addiction treatment.

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