Methamphetamine Drug Rehab Houston

Methamphetamine is a significant drug threat to Houston, the residents are getting concerned about the methamphetamine drug abusers and are interested in methamphetamine drug rehab.  

High purity, low cost methamphetamine is readily available, and the drug is widely abused, particularly in rural areas. Methamphetamine produced in Mexico is the predominant type available. Locally produced methamphetamine also is available and is becoming more prevalent. Methamphetamine production in Houston, Texas is increasing, as is the number of methamphetamine laboratories being seized by law enforcement officials. As the number of production increases, the intrest for effective methamphetamine addiction treatment centers in the area is as well. Caucasian criminal groups and independent Caucasian laboratory operators produce methamphetamine in Houston, Texas. They generally produce ounce quantities using the Birch reduction method. Methamphetamine also is produced by Mexican criminal groups and independent producers as well as OMGs. Mexican DTOs and criminal groups control most of the transportation and wholesale distribution of Mexico-produced methamphetamine.

Mexican criminal groups control most of the retail-level methamphetamine distribution in the city; however, Caucasian criminal groups as well as street gangs, prison gangs, OMGs, and various other criminal groups and independent dealers also distribute methamphetamine at the retail level. Methamphetamine abuse is high in Houston, Texas, according to law enforcement agencies throughout the city. Many agencies report that the level of methamphetamine abuse is rising in their jurisdictions and that effective drug rehab programs are needed in the area to handle this on going addiction.

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