Marijuana Drug Rehab Los Angeles

Marijuana is the most widely available and frequently abused illicit drug in Los Angeles fueling the need for marijuana drug rehab.

In 1999, authorities seized almost 240,000 pounds of marijuana that had been cultivated on public lands in Los Angeles, California.  Marijuana is the most widely available illicit substance in Los Angeles. The Federal, state, and local law enforcement classify it as the most prevalent drug encountered in the area by far.  With such widespread use and abuse of the drug the need for drug rehab remains the prevelant issue of the day.

The Los Angeles Sheriff\s Department identifies marijuana availability as high and the threat as increasing, as is the need for  marijuana drug rehab, education and addiction treatment.  While the abusers are generally characterized as nonviolent, marijuana trafficking generates violence. Investigations of DTOs and other criminal organizations identify their involvement in extortion, murder, contract killing, and intimidation as a part of doing business.

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