Deadly Central Nervous System Stimulant

Deadly Central Nervous System Stimulant

Methamphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant, or upper, that is a highly addictive and damaging drug. One of the earliest uses of methamphetamine was during World War II when the German military dispensed it to military personnel. In the 1950’s the drug wa legally used in America to treat things like narcolepsy, alcoholism and even obesity. In 1983 laws were passed that made the drug illegal. Today usage of methamphetamine continues to grow throughout rural United States, especially through the Midwest and South.

Methamphetamine usually comes in powder form and is taken orally, intranasally (by snorting the drug through the nose), or by injection. Once the individual uses the drug they get a sudden euphoric rush followed by a major increase in energy. Methamphetamine users become addiced to the drug quickly, often needing higher doses or the drug more often, as drug tolerance develops.

One a person is addicted to meth they will go on “meth binges” where they will stay up for days strait getting high on the drug. Meth abuse can lead to long-term damaging effects including paranoia, aggressiveness, extreme anorexia, memory loss, visual and auditory hallucinations, delusions, and severe dental problems. Also, transmission of HIV and hepatitis B and C can be a consequence of methamphetamine abuse.

Street names for methamphetamine are “meth,” “ice,” and “chalk.”

Today methamphetamine is made in clandestine labratories which are illegal labratories set up in homes, apartments and even cars where meth is made and sold. Often times those addicted will start meth labs to support their own habits and sell drugs to other methamphetamine addicts.

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