Cocaine Addiction and the Narconon Solution

Overcoming a cocaine addiction may seem impossible, however the Narconon solution has proved very successful with this particular addiction. Traditional approaches work for a select few but, for most of the affected, an alternative method is best. Most of the issues of cocaine addiction are in the mind, so the addict must learn how to control himself when a restimulative situation arises. The Narconon program is designed to handle both matters of the body and the mind with cocaine addiction. All aspects of the program are supervised and designed to be optimally beneficially to each individual student.

Training Routines

In this course, the student learns various communication and confront skills, through a series of exercises, that are necessary to thrive. These simple drills will help the student in several ways. Their focus and communication skills will be strengthened. They are taught how to initiate and complete an activity. Upon completion of this course, it has been found that the self-esteem and confidence level of the student has begun to rise.

Sauna Detox Program

This is the part of the program designed to handle the body. The sauna purification process eliminates all left-over drug residuals in the body, which in turn controls any cravings the student may have had, which caused him/her to relapse.

Within a matter of weeks, the student begins to feel much better and self esteem is once again elevated. This portion of the program is very health conscious and the  student generally begins to take an active part of his or her own recovery by exercising on their own and eating a balanced diet. Once the student has completed this portion of the program, they are ready to move forward with the various Life Skills courses.

Learning Course

Mentally dulled by drug and alcohol abuse, it is advantageous to deliver some help in this area.  A lot of the time, the ability to read, study, and comprehend has been compromised. The Learning Improvement Course is designed to remedy this. One learns here to recognize the barriers to study and how to overcome them for effective study. We have discovered these tools will only benefit the student for the rest of his life.

Communication and Perception

Not only are comprehension aptitudes compromised, we’ve found that communication skills have been severely impaired in that of the addict or alcoholic. This two-part course is planned to enhance focus, good communication skills, and the ability to identify and solve problems. Through a series of exercises, accompanied by another student, the person becomes acutely aware of their environment and their ability to focus becomes clear. With a new heightened sense of awareness, the student is ready to progress to the next phase of the program.

Ups and Downs in Life Course

Often times, addicts and alcoholics have pulled away from the positive, influential people in their lives and have gravitated towards the like “drug minded” individuals who will only further harm them. They need to learn the differences between the two very distinct personalities and make wise decisions supporting their choices. This portion of the program is designed to help them recognize the difference between helpful and harmful people.

Personal Values and Integrity Course

Unethical behavior and committing misdeeds often accompany drug and alcohol abuse. Once the individual is free from the use of mind altering drugs, their thinking becomes clear and they begin to recognize many of the unethical acts they have committed and feel shame, remorse and guilt, as a result. In desperate need of relief, this course is designed to help provide that relief. In a very specific format, the student will write each and every act they have committed which caused harm in any way. This process has proved to be very therapeutic and once complete, the individual feels a renewed sense of self confidence and their dignity is restored.

Changing Conditions of Life Course

Now, having faced this past misconduct, the addict is ready to make repairs where necessary. This course delivers easy to follow steps for any condition that life may present. We’ve found that one’s life can be categorized into several compartments, called dynamics. These dynamics are what make up each individual, their family, their job, and their most prized interests. In order to ensure optimal survival on each one of these dynamics, it is imperative that they have a constant monitoring system. This course is delivered to provide every student with these vital tools. This course teaches them simple formulas to apply to any situation in which they may found themselves.

The Way to Happiness

This is the final phase of the program and designed to reiterate good ethical behavior. These 21 precepts follow a common sense moral code of conduct.  When these precepts are followed, students become productive and contributing members of society.

In conclusion, students who complete this program are sure of leading a normal, drug free life, if they adhere to what they have learned. The success rate of complete recovery from cocaine addiction is currently over 70%. This is among, if not the highest, success rate in the country. It is our hope that anyone in need of help with any kind of addiction will take the first step and place a call to Narconon at 800-468-6933.