Government Officials Commendations

"I would like to add my congratulations as you celebrate the opening of Narconon Arrowhead at Arrowhead State Park in Canadian.


"Narconon's work to restore individuals with drug problems to their families and their community is to be commended. The hard work being done by the staff and the volunteers of this rehabilitation center and international training center will be a welcome addition to the community and the nation.

"I am pleased to extend my best wishes to all who have contributed to the success of this program."

Very truly yours,

Brad Carson
Member of Congress


"Congratulations on the Grand Opening of your new facility in Canadian, Oklahoma on August 18th.


"As you are well aware, substance abuse is an ever growing problem but statistics prove that treatment does work. We all must continue to work and to work together to address the issues of addiction recovery.

"Again congratulations on your new facility and the very best of luck to you.”


Ben Brown
Deputy Commissioner of Substance Abuse Services
Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services