How Narconon Handles Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction has been a growing problem for many years and hasn’t shown any signs of
stopping. This addiction kills about 80,000 a year and has caused numerous problems both physically, emotionally and mentally for users.

Fortunately there is a solution for those struggling with heroin addiction.

Narconon Program

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program specializes in handling heroin addiction. The program is long-term, inpatient and does not put heroin addicts on substitute drugs to get them to stop using.
The program has been successfully saving lives since 1966 and achieves an over 70%success rate for permanent recovery.

Narconon’s Heroin Drug Withdrawal

Narconon handles heroin withdrawal in a unique way that does not involve allowing users to take more drugs. A full medical assessment is doing prior to enrolling on the program and all Narconon students who are eligible, are medically approved to do drug free withdrawal. In those cases where complications can occur with withdrawal Narconon uses a medical facility that specializes in this.

To help a person through withdrawal Narconon uses nutrition, gentle orientation, and techniques that help get the individual extroverted and feeling good again. Narconon’s heroin withdrawal portion has 24 hour staff to help client’s non-stop.

Therapeutic Training Routines and Sauna Programs

After withdrawal phase, a person will then move on to what is called therapeutic training routines.
These routines are designed to help a person to be able to better communicate, use positive control and confront situations in their life that lead to drug use. Some main points of training routines are:

Improve a person’s focus

Help a person be able to start and complete a cycle of action

Improve communication skills with others

Self-esteem and confidence booster

Once complete individuals will undergo a comprehensive sauna detoxification program designed to help remove toxins from the body that are left by heroin and other drugs.

The idea behind the sauna program is that when a person uses heroin, the drug lodges in the fatty tissue of the body and can stay here for 10 or more years. The sauna, with a specific vitamin regimen, sweating, water intake and scheduled breaks every 20 minutes safely help remove residues from the body. The result is that the sauna helps to drastically reduce physical drug cravings which are the number one reason for relapse.

Learning How To Learn

After the individual completes the sauna portion of the program they move onto the Learning Improvement Course. The course gives the individual study skills for a lifetime which they can apply to the full Narconon program.

Communication Skills To Handle Heroin Addiction

Heroin abuse impairs the user’s ability to set goals, and stay on task long enough to accomplish them. It also greatly affects a person ability to communicate effectively. The Communication and Perception Course focuses on sharpening those communication skills, and gives a person the renewed ability to be aware of what is going on around them.

Another major contribution of this course is a heightened awareness, and focus which in turn gives the person the ability to set goals and accomplish and remain heroin free.

Handling Ups & Downs

Many aspects can lead to a person down the road to heroin addiction. Stress can be one factor in this from others as well as the stress that the users cause themselves. Handling Ups & Downs deals with the cause of stress and problems can be instrumental in driving someone down the road to substance abuse.

Restoration of Integrity

Unlawful behavior and repeated misconduct go hand in hand with heroin addiction. Many users will violate their own moral code as they get deeper and deeper into their substance abuse problem.

The Narconon integrity course specializes in handing those addicted to heroin by teaching clients about a code for their own survival that they can apply to any area of their life. In this portion of the program clients are also able to disclose transgressions that are key to unburdening them from the past.  

Changing Conditions

After former addicts are unburdened of their transgressions, they are now ready to move on and repair
the damage that was caused because of heroin abuse. The Changing Conditions in Life Course consists of everyday formulas that can be applies to any situation a person finds themselves in. By this
point in the program the student will have made significant improvements both physically and mentally.

Putting A Happy Future There

The final course in the Narconon program is the Way to Happiness Course. This course teaches
an individual 21 basic precepts over a common moral code of conduct. Once an individual can
apply these precepts they now have the ability to be productive members of today’s society.

Overall the Narconon program is one of the most comprehensive treatment methods out there. The facility has been treating heroin addicts since the 1960s with positive results for permanent recovery.

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