How Narconon Handles Methadone Addiction

What is Methadone?

Methadone is a narcotic used for treating drug addiction and pain. It is usually given to cancer patients and people with terminal illnesses. Methadone is legal in the United States but much like prescription drugs, is abused also. Just because a drug is legal does not mean that you cannot abuse it. When drugs are legal it is actually easier to abuse them because you can get them easier. Methadone can come in a tablet, oral solution, and inject able liquid. Some methadone tablets can be swallowed and some are supposed to be dissolved in liquid first.

Risks When Abusing Methadone

When you abuse methadone there are many risks, as with any drug. Listed below are some risks when using methadone:

•         Addiction
•         Overdose
•         Withdrawal

When you start to become dependent on a drug, this is the start of addiction. Your body gets used to having that chemical in its system, and forms a physical dependency. It is also very easy to overdose on methadone, because it does not have the euphoric affect like other drugs such as heroin, and ecstasy. Therefore when you use methadone you can easily ingest too much, because you are looking for that feeling that is not going to happen. This is how many methadone abusers overdose. You can also experience withdrawal when you have a dependency on methadone. Withdrawal from methadone can include, muscle tremors, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

Street Names for Methadone

•         Amidone
•         Chocolate chip cookies
•         Fizzies
•         Street methadone
•         Wafer

How Narconon Handles Methadone Addiction

Here at Narconon we believe that an individual can fully and permanently overcome addiction. We believe that there is pain and discomfort, or some issues that the person was going through that caused an addiction, and if you can get that problem confronted, then you are on a good path to being sober. That is exactly what we do at Narconon, you will take courses that will teach you to confront your problems, and handle them in a manner that does not involve drugs or alcohol. We do a full detoxification program that must be completed before continuing on to the rest of the program. In our detoxification program, you will do some light aerobics, and sweat in a dry heat sauna; you will also be put on a specific vitamin regimen.

What we do with the detoxification program, is rid your body of any toxins that are left in there from drugs or alcohol. What happens when you use drugs or alcohol is that the toxins from these elements go through a filtration and digestive process that will flush out some of the toxins, but many of them stay in your body. The liver and kidney will filter these remaining molecules and turn them into things called metabolites.

Metabolites will bond with your fatty cells and they will store in your tissue. Then when your heart rate goes up from exercise, excitement, or stress; this opens the molecules back up and releases the toxins back into your blood stream. This is what a physical drug craving is. This is also why it is important to get all of those toxins out of an addicts’ body as this will help prevent a relapse in the future.

After a person has completed this part of the program – called The New Life Detoxification Program, they can continue on, through the rest of the program.

While in Narconon, they will learn many skills to help them identify, confront and handle any underling issues that may have caused them to turn to drugs in the first place. Narconon delivers courses that will help addicts communicate, establish better relationships, and stay focused on their paths to sobriety. After each course is complete the individual will undergo a review to insure that they understood all of the courses, and were successfully given the tools and the skills to confront life and its problems head on, while staying drug free.

The individual will also work on a discharge plan, which will be a list of problems that may be waiting for them at home that they need to fix. The person will also make a list of goals they would like to complete and will list actions on how they are going to complete these goals.

When they are done with this final step they will have completed the program. Once home, clients are contacted frequently by Narconon, to insure that they are still focused and are working on achieving their goals.

Narconon can and has successfully treated methadone addiction for many years and will get a person permanently off all drugs with positive results.

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