How Narconon Handles Prescription Addiction

When one thinks of drug addiction, the first drugs that come to mind most often are heroin, crack cocaine and methamphetamines. However, prescription drugs such as Xanax, Oxy Contin, Kolonopin, Percocet, etc., have emerged as the most highly addictive drugs out there.

Like illicit drugs prescriptions cause withdrawal symptoms, cravings and addiction. Many who have used these pills and became hooked learned this very quickly. Using these pills for an extended period of time causes many to build a tolerance and continually need a higher dosage. Users will even get severely sick when they stop using prescriptions.

What most do not realize is that they can enroll into a drug free rehabilitation center to successfully withdraw from these drugs and stop using pharmaceutical pills for the rest of their lives. Narconon specializes in helping people overcome their addictions to pharmaceutical drugs whether they are taking them for legitimate reasons such as post-surgery, general pain, and anxiety or simply abusing them.

Prescription Withdrawal

Narconon offers a withdrawal process, which makes it easy to withdrawal from the pharmaceuticals by supplying one’s body with nutrients the pills have been depleting the body of. This includes the individual taking the correct amount of other vitamins or minerals to help the body recover. Narconon also includes processes to help get the addicts mind off withdrawal and using drugs until they feel stable enough to start the program. Also, by having a specialist with the person twenty-four hours a day and simply helping them get through the withdrawal process as smoothly as possible.

Remainder of the Program

Once a person is done fully withdrawing from the pharmaceuticals they will begin on a road to a new life without having to use drugs. One will complete a communication course and then begin the Narconon sauna detoxification program. The sauna detox portion of Narconon helps to remove residues from the body which are left by drugs and alcohol. The program includes a very specific vitamin and mineral regimen, along with water, exercise and sweating in a dry heat sauna.  

Once the sauna portion of the program is complete, Narconon focuses on the mental and emotional components of the addiction. This includes courses that provide the following:

•    A newfound ability to learn and study.
•    Communication skills for life.
•    Communication with the present time environment and one’s attention not sticking on the past.
•    The ability to determine the types of people in one’s life and handle accordingly.
•    The key to long-term stability and wellness.
•    A restored personal integrity in all areas of life.
•    The ability to handle past conditions in life.
•    A common sense moral guide to future happiness.
•    All of these aspects of the Narconon treatment aid in recovery from prescription drug addiction.

To get help for someone you love who is struggling with prescription addiction contact Narconon at 800-468-6933.

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