How Narconon Helps Addicts Change Conditions in Life

In order for an addict or alcoholic to be in full recovery, they must possess all the tools necessary to live the remainder of their life drug and alcohol free. Narconon provides these necessary tools. There are many approaches to life time sobriety and obviously, some are more successful than others. Likewise, some methods work well for certain individuals and alternative approaches may work better for others. Alcoholism and addiction are as individual as a finger print. Everyone is unique and must find the best solution for themselves.

When traditional methods fail to help someone, it’s always best to explore the various options out there and find a workable solution. Narconon offers just such a program. They do not believe that addiction or alcoholism is a disease. 

Narconon’s concept is that addiction and alcoholism are a chemical imbalance resulting from repeatedly poisoning the body and the mind with a foreign substance. Subsequently, Narconon treats the body first and then addresses the mind. Traditional program don’t even address the body. There are drug and alcohol residuals that are left behind in the fatty tissue of the body and when released back into the bloodstream, they restimulate the person to want to use. Narconon handles this through an intense, dry heat sauna program. The addict or alcoholic literally sweats the residuals out of the body, ridding the individual of pesky cravings. Then, the student is ready to progress through the rest of the program.

In order to ensure optimal survival for each individual, the Narconon program delivers a series of practical exercises that enhance each condition of life. Each of us operates on various levels or categories. We are all involved in different groups. A few examples of these would include:  ourselves,, our families, our jobs, any extracurricular activities, as well as different interests. These make us each unique. We all operate on different levels based on our own individuality.

The purpose of the “Changing Conditions in Life Course” is to bring into play productivity for each of our students, as individuals. Not only do we enhance their productivity across all survival categories, we do so in a manner that gives them the tools to operate at optimal levels. We do this by teaching them the different survival categories and the way to graph each of these statistics so, they can apply the appropriate condition and work through to the next higher level and then the next, and so on. The student benefits greatly from this portion of the program. Never again will they come across an issue that they cannot solve. They will possess the tools to work through to a higher level of achievement at any point in their life.  The significance of this is so instrumental for the addict or the alcoholic because they feel in control of their actions and no longer trapped, as so many do. They can work through any problem that arises. Addicts and alcoholics do not want to be trapped in the cycle of addiction, they just are. No one wakes up and states, “Today, I think I’ll get strung out on dope.”  It was never their intention to lose so much to a drug or alcohol, it was never their intention to hurt their family and loved ones, it was never their intention to steal or lie or get into trouble with the law. The Changing Conditions in Life portion of the program provides the student with a huge sense of relief.  Not only are their bodies clean and their minds clearer, they are now, more in control and feeler stronger and more emotional secure. Their self confidence begins to rise and they want to establish themselves in a positive light. Statistics show that 85% of the households in the United States are affected, in some way, by drugs or alcohol, so almost everyone you know would benefit from this portion of the program.

The following are the various conditions of operation:

•         Confusion – random motion; a set of circumstances that have no immediate solution.
•         Treason – a betrayal after trust
•         Enemy – an avowed or knowing enemy of a group
•         Doubt – unable to come to a conclusion about some problem in life
•         Liability – acting contrary to the purpose of the group or mission one has joined, which dangers or threatens the group or mission
•         Non-Existence – newly entering a sphere and seeking ways to contribute to the cause
•         Danger – Statistics are in a steep decline
•         Emergency – a slight decline or where no increase is present
•         Normal – steady, continuing progress
•         Affluence – productivity increases very steeply over time            
•         Power – productivity has been high for an extended period of time

This course provides the tools to progress from any one of these conditions to the next higher condition. Upon, completion of this course means the student is ready to tackle the final book of the program, “The Way to Happiness”.

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