How Narconon Helps Addicts Handle Past Transgressions

The Narconon program is considered an alternative method of drug treatment therapy. Traditional treatment programs almost always refer back to the “disease concept” and follow up includes 12 step meetings. For anyone who has ever attended one of those meetings, they are depressing, and they often lead one to more dope connections than before. Rather, Narconon view of alcoholism or addiction is that a chemical imbalance occurs from the repetitious use of an inorganic chemical.  Any form of drug or alcohol is not natural to the body and continuous, long term use is the same as poisoning the body.

In order to effectively treat the person, as a whole, Narconon tackles the handling of the body first. These inorganic substances leave behind residuals in the fatty tissue of the body and can be released back into the bloodstream at any time over a period of years. The individual is not aware of the release of the drugs and suddenly experiences a craving for the drug or alcohol, even after years of sobriety. The release of the drugs or alcohol into the body is behind many, many relapses. The individual may be totally clean, desire never to use again and suddenly they relapse and have no idea why. This is why Narconon handles the body first. They do this using a closely monitored dry heat sauna program, which enables them to literally sweat the toxins in their system and this eliminates the cravings. Briefly, the student,

Narconon refers to their clients as students, are given niacin, starting on a small dosage and gradually moved up to higher and higher doses, then asked to exercise, for mild cardio, and then they go in and out of a dry heat sauna. The niacin aids in circulation and the whole sweating process. The student begins to feel markedly better and there is a definite improvement in their health. They feel better and begin to gain self-assurance, and with this new found self confidence, they are thinking clearly and will be far more receptive to the Life Skills portions of the program. They will stand to benefit more when their bodies do not crave the drug and seize their mind.

Narconon helps addicts to handle past transgressions in several different ways. One of the first parts of the program after the sauna detoxification process is the Objectives Course. This section of the Narconon programs is designed to bring the addict into present time. Addicts and alcoholics are often stuck on incidents and occurrences from their past. They come into present time during this phase of the program and begin to realize regardless of their past, they can control today.

The second stage of the program that is designed to alleviate the guilt associated from past transgressions, and all addicts and alcoholics have them, is the Personal Values and Integrity Course. This section gives the student the opportunity to find forgiveness for themselves for all of their misconducts. Being guilt laden and obsessing over the past, go hand and hand with addiction of any kind. Many have lied, stolen and cheated from family members and loved ones.

They need relief from the burdens they are carrying around so, they can progress forward. This course allows the student to write up each and every transgression in a very specific format. This format is designed to jog the student’s mind to recall even more misdeeds. Just writing their misdeeds in this format and confronting them gives the student much needed relief. This is a huge step in recovery for the addict or alcoholic. Though this progress is hard, it is necessary.

Some may take an extremely long time accomplishing this task, as they quickly realize the therapeutic benefit and the provided relief. This usually prompts the individual to make phone calls, write letters, or confront personally and apologize to the affected loved ones. The sense of relief frees the student to go forward. This process is so life changing, most students, upon successful completion, are found to be in high spirits.

Narconon is a premier drug treatment center with an alternative, holistic approach that works. Our current success rate is 76%, which is among the highest in the country. With affordable payment plans and many insurances accepted, there are counselors waiting to assist you and make Narconon Arrowhead an option for you or your loved one.

We, here at Narconon, know that dealing with a drug or alcohol problem is hard on everyone so if you know someone that’s in need of help with an addiction, please call us at 800-468-6933.

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