Narconon: The Alcohol Addiction Cure

Are you looking for a solution to alcohol addiction so you can get your life back? For years people have investigated Alcoholism, is it an addiction or a disease?  There has been an assortment of studies done, but still no solid answers that proves this as more than a theory. However, with the right treatment many have recovered fully from alcoholism. Narconon, who has been treating alcoholics since the 1960s has experienced this again and again with clients achieving a more than 70% success rate for alcohol addiction.

Statistics on Alcohol

Alcohol addiction affects thousands of people every year. Not just the people that abuse alcohol, but the friends and family of the abusers.   Sadly, it affects more people in automobile accidents between the ages 6 and 33 than any other age group.  Alcohol is involved in killing more youth than adults.  Alcohol addiction is also involved in unintentional injuries, physical fights, academic problems, and other illegal behavior in youth, young adults, and older addicts. With our youths minds still developing, this type of behavior will, most of the time, continue and only get worse!

Why Do People Get Addicted?

Alcohol is socially acceptable and is everywhere; television ads, newspapers, radio, your favorite magazine, and in just about everyone’s home. This makes it easy to get.  Drinking is one of Americas most popular past times.  At first you cannot tell the affect that alcohol has on you, this is why most people lose control.  You want to feel good, you want to forget, or you just want to fit in, so you start drinking.  Soon it takes larger amounts of alcohol to make you feel the same, so you drink more.  This is the start of your addiction.

What Alcohol Does to Your Body?

Alcohol addiction is dangerous and unhealthy.  Alcohol impairs the brain ability to control your behavior, so you lose control. It drops your blood pressure, which makes it hard on your heart to supply blood to your organs.  Alcohol can irritate your stomach, making it hard to absorb vitamins and minerals.  It can also dehydrate you.  Alcohol breaks down in your liver and can cause you to have chronic liver disease.  Alcohol addiction is killing your body from the inside out, eventually leading to DEATH.

What Alcohol Does to Your Family?

Alcohol addiction will alter your family life.  You may not see it but your family will change toward you.  You may think that everything is okay just the way it is, but your family will not.  Alcohol addiction cause family members to lose respect for you, and also for you to lose respect for yourself.  As you start to lose control of your life the environment around you changes, this in return upsets you more.  Your family will become detached, and you will no longer be able to identify with them. You may become violent, jealous, and emotionally insecure, creating a vicious cycle.  At this point in your life, you or your family may realize you need help.

Narconon Rehabilitation Program

Each participant starts working on their future plan as soon as they enroll, setting goals and reaching them.  Narconon is here to help you learn to live with who you are and what you have done.  Identify, confront, repair, and overcome are some of the steps you will learn, too become a productive and contributing member of society.  Here at Narconon we believe that everyone reaches different phases of addiction rehabilitation at their own pace.

Phase 1:

A Drug Free Withdrawal

Narconon’s experienced counselors will aid you in a rapid, yet minimal discomfort withdrawal, with proper care, nutrition and the correct vitamins.

Therapeutic Training Routines Course

Narconon’s counselors will assist you in communication skills, helping you to face your environment and better communicate and handle problems in life.

New Life Detoxification Program

Narconon uses a precise strategy of nutritional supplements, exercise, and sauna for this part of the program. This process helps rid your body of harmful toxins and alcohol, which drastically reduce physical drug cravings.

Phase 2:

Learning Improvement Course

This course will help you to gain the ability to study and retain knowledge.  You will be enabled to identify and conquer life’s boundaries.

Communications and Perceptions Course

This course strives to heighten your awareness, empowering you to be in greater control and connection with you surroundings.  

Phase 3:

Ups & Downs in Life Course

This part of the course gives you the awareness to acquire greater stability, and peace of mind. You will learn the components of someone’s social personality and their antisocial personality. Having this knowhow, you will be able to distinguish between the two more effectively and choose your friends and associates.

Personal Values & Integrity Course

This part of the course helps you determine your self-worth.  You will accomplish the greatest level of personal openness and purity. This will allow you to overcome any opposing survival actions by discarding yourself of former toxic realities.   

Changing Conditions in Life Course

This part of the course teaches you the specific steps to enhance conditions in your life and mend earlier imperfect circumstances.

Way to Happiness Course

This part to the course gives you secular moral code to use as a directive in living a fulfilled life.  

Narconon:  A Helping Hand

The phases of Narconon were created to help anyone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.  To get yourself or your loved one the help they need with alcohol addiction, please call us today at 800-468-6933. Narconon will outline a treatment program just for your specific needs, and help get you back on the right path of life.