Narconon’s Training Routines

The purpose of this paper to provide a brief explanation of the one of the methods used at Narconon to help addicts and alcoholics gain the skills to live a happy, productive and sober life. Narconon is not based on the theory that alcoholism or addiction is not a disease. Rather, it is a variety of circumstances that causes a person to get on drugs in the first place that cause them to fall into the downward spiral of substance abuse. The guilt, cravings and depression kick in as a result and they cannot stop. Most affected by alcoholism or addiction in any way, seem to prefer this concept as they are able to fully recover from addiction. Current statistics show that about 85% of the households in the United States are affected by drugs or alcohol in some way. Therefore, a large majority one comes into contact with has had, known, loved or is or was an alcoholic or addict. Any information on the solution is a must-read for just about anyone.

Narconon is considered an alternative approach to traditional 12 programs. More and more are looking into an alternative approach to drug and alcohol treatment. The Narconon program addresses the body first and then the issues of the mind. This technique handles the cravings so, the mind is more receptive afterward. The way Narconon handles eliminating the cravings is through putting the individual through an intense dry heat sauna program. Through the administration of niacin and other vitamins and oils, an exercise regime and the mere act of sweating, the person rids their bodies of the drug residuals that are left behind in the fatty tissue. Sweating out these residuals alleviates the cravings of both the mind and the body. Then the person is ready to address the life skills courses which aid him or her in living a productive, sober life.

Statistics have shown that most who been living the life of an addict or alcoholic have totally neglected other areas of their lives. Their relationships, financial affairs, home, physical needs, most every aspect of their life, has been tossed to the way side and only drugs or alcohol have prevailed. Most find they have lost the ability to interact with others successfully. They can no longer communicate with the positive influences in their lives effectively. They have narrowed any ambition they once had and are only comfortable dealing with the negative influences that go along with them in their drug or alcohol using.

Narconon’s training routines were developed to assist students in effectively communicating and interacting with others comfortably. They, therefore, can gain control of their own behavior. Through a sequentially patterned set of drills, the student learns to communicate with others in present time and additionally in their present environment. At this point, the student begins to become aware of his or her present circumstances and can deviate from the past and problems that arose in the past. They become more and more conscious of their current actions and interact with others accordingly.

These drills and simple exercises are equipping them to handle life on life’s terms.

These drills are aimed at assisting participants in regaining their ability to communicate well, be comfortable in their interaction with others and thus they begin to gain control of themselves. Studies have shown that their self confidence begins to escalate and they begin to take responsibility for their own actions. These drills aid in the student’s ability to be comfortable with their peers while acknowledging and responding appropriately to others. The emphasis of these drills is to place emphasis on deliver messages, to understand and acknowledge communications. All drills are delivered in a classroom setting with a supervisor present. Course supervisors assist them in finding the answers to any of their questions for themselves. This teaches the student to rely on themselves.

Additionally, students learn to handle others. They are becoming fully responsible for the rehabilitation process in a social, drug free setting. With this new found ability, students are then better equipped to relay to the staff any current time problems they may be experiencing. In fact, all communication from this point forward will continue to improve.

The Narconon program has a current success rate of 76%, which is among the highest in the country. This program offers an alternative to the traditional 12 step program. There are so many who are seeking an alternative approach.
Narconon also offers an open ended program, which means each student progresses through the curriculum at their own rate. No one is pushed through at an unrealistic pace because of financing or insurance. This ensures the stability of the student. If you know someone in need of help with a drug or alcohol problem, please call Narconon at 800-468-6933.

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