The Narconon Program: Parent Support and Successes

Having someone you love and care about abusing drugs or alcohol is devastating but, to have a child, regardless of age, with an addiction is totally exhausting and heartbreaking. Parents will do anything, go anywhere, totally exhaust their bank accounts, and even refinance their home in order to try to save a child with an addiction.

One mother described her experience with addiction as follows:

“Did you ever try to explain to your 67-year old mother that her first granddaughter isn’t going back to college because she needs to go to a drug rehab because she has a heroin addiction? Did you ever stay up all night and watch your child shake with tremors because of heroin withdrawal? Did you ever spend the day in the emergency room checking your child into a medical detox unit? Did you ever ask one of your other children to help you physically carry her sister to the car so that you could drive her to the hospital because she had overdosed on heroin? Did you ever spend the entire day on the telephone trying to find a drug rehab suitable for your child that your hospitalization covers? Did you ever get into your car and drive seven hours straight without stopping to prevent another drug relapse?” Mother of Narconon graduate

Unintentionally, parents usually go into agreement with their son or daughter’s addiction. They will give them money, pay their bills, and even transport them to get their drugs. They honestly do not realize that they are supporting their child’s drug or alcohol habit. To the addict, the more money they can come by dishonestly, the more money they will have to spend on their drug of choice. The supposed bills Mom and Dad think they are helping to pay, often go unpaid while the money goes for dope. Parents go to great lengths to find help for themselves and their child. They stay up many countless nights worried for their son or daughter’s life, they get in their car and drive around looking for them at all hours, they pay off bondsman and bail them out of jail, they pay their bills, take care of and or raise their children and even fund their dope money. They do not think they have a choice, they don’t want their child in jail, they don’t want them on the streets, they don’t want them or their children hungry, on and on.

“As her addiction grew worse and worse, my husband and I feared the day when we would get the call that she had landed in jail, or worse; that she had died,” says a mother of Narconon graduate.

It never stops until someone puts their foot down and makes the statement, “It stops here.” The only real way to help is to turn them away and insist on not enabling the habit anymore.  One parent comments:

“At the time, my son was not willing to get help, but several months later he hit bottom. He was scared-afraid of what was going to happen while getting the drugs out of his system.”

The addict must know they are totally on their own as long as they are using. This and only this will hopefully bring them around to the realization they need real help.

“My days, hours, weeks were consumed with finding a solution to my daughter’s drug addiction, which seemed an impossible task,” as one mother describes it.

Here at Narconon Arrowhead, our current success rate is 76%. This is among the highest in the nation.  Being an open ended program, our students are not forced through at an unrealistic rate of pace.

“No one talked of detox or long term help after treatment. 30 days is not enough time to get clean and learn the skills needed not to relapse. Then I found Narconon,” says the mother of a Narconon graduate.

Each student progresses at his or her own rate, and is very closely monitored to ensure they have successfully achieved all they can from each phase of the program. Because of this method, students get the very most out of each aspect of this alternative approach and usually go on to live happy, successful, drug free lives. The responses we get back from parents and family members are quite generous.  These parents and family members are so grateful to have their loved one back.

Here is one testimonial:

“I have had so many people tell me they have never seen our son look so good and happy. Through the program he has gained confidence, better communication skills, and better control of his emotions and is aware of the good type of people and the bad ones that will lead to trouble.” Mother of Narconon Graduate

If you are someone or know someone in need of help with an addiction, please don’t delay in seeking treatment. Call 800-468-6933 for more information on success through Narconon.