The Narconon Program: What Connections Have To Do With Addiction

When a person uses drugs, the drug changes how a person thinks and feels. Users tend to become paranoid and alienate themselves from loved ones.  Some drugs can even cause vivid hallucinations and can make addicts psychotic.  Physiologically, drugs bring a person out of reality so much that a person is no longer able to distinguish between truth and fiction.  When they come off the drug, it leaves them feeling guilty and alone.  

Since addicts loose a since of reality they become unaware of morals and value.  Addicts tend to live in a dream world.  The drug can have a user up for days at a time or in a slump for even longer periods of time.  During these days most addicts are scheming up plots to obtain more money or drugs with no concern for society. The drug has turned so many good honest people into hardened criminals.

Addicts Involvement in Criminal Activity

Police officers nationwide rank methamphetamine as the No. 1 drug they battle today.  In a recent survey of 500 law-enforcement agencies in 45 states by the National Association of Counties (NACO), 58 percent said meth is their biggest drug problem. That is compared with only 19 percent for cocaine, 17 percent for pot and 3 percent for heroin.

In Addition:

•    The DEA reports that 70 percent of all inmates with a drug dependency are meth addicts
•    The FBI reports that 80 percent of all ID/theft and forgery operations busted are operations run by meth addicts.
•    In NACO’s survey of law enforcement, 70 percent said robberies or burglaries have increased due to meth, as have assaults and domestic violence
•    40 percent of child-welfare officials reported an increase in out of home replacements in the last year because of meth.

Lifestyle of an Addict

The lifestyle that you develop during addiction is no longer caring about others and doing criminal activity that you thought you would never be involved in.  Most individuals who are addicted to drugs are good people who have allowed the drug to consume their life and have started to make the wrong choices.  The drug is so powerful that the user continues to use no matter the consequences of their actions.  The user has started a life of anti-social behavior and starts to become associated with a whole group of criminals and low-life’s that will continuously bring them down and encourage their drug use.  Despite the consequences an addict feels trapped in their addiction.  Many addicts have lost homes, cars, careers, friends and family and still continue to use drugs for years longer.  They believe that they no longer have a choice to use or not they have to use.  Using to them is more important than having a place to sleep or put their belongings.  Their standard of living is no longer important the only thing that is important is their next dose.  

How Can Family Help

Most addicts still have loved ones they have left behind due to their addiction.  These family members are suffering as well.  Overwhelming concern for their son, daughter, brother or sister, etc: can cause a person to experience high anxiety and or depression. Family members must realize that there is hope drug addiction can be handled and your loved one can become a productive family member once again.  The earlier addiction is treated, the better. Don’t wait for your loved one to hit bottom!  Be prepared for excuses and denial with specific examples of behavior that has you worried. 

You can support a person with a substance abuse problem and encourage treatment, but you can’t force an addict to change. You can’t control your loved one’s decisions. Let the person accept responsibility for his or her actions, an essential step along the way to recovery for drug addiction.

How the Narconon Program Helps Correct this Behavior

Once an addict starts to regain sobriety and their reality, it is very important that they are able to identify social people from anti-social people.  Narconon helps a person to realize that there are two types of people; those that help and do well for people around them and those that manipulate and are bad for their community.  Narconon uses a workable system that helps participants identify those that will help them in their recovery and be successful in life.  Narconon also teaches a person how to handle past bad relationships, so they can put their past anti-social behaviors and acquaintances behind them and move on in their life.   Now knowing how to choose good friends and acquaintances, a person is able to make better choices and not get sucked back into the downward spiral of addiction.

Narconon specializes in helping others break the cycle of addiction and put the past behind them.  Once a participant graduates the program they are able to make the right choices in life and be a productive member of society again.  

If you or someone you know is struggling with any type of drug addiction call Narconon at 800-468-6933.