Educating Youth on the Dangers of Drugs Before They Get Started


Motivating Kids to Live Drug-Free Lives so They Can Achieve Their Goals

For more than forty years, Narconon centers around the world have been helping people recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Perhaps just as importantly, drug education specialists trained by Narconon have been showing kids in dozens of countries why it is important that they stay away from drugs and alcohol. Building a drug-free future requires progress on both these fronts.

Narconon supports the strategy of the Office of the National Drug Control Policy of the White House: Stopping drug use before it starts. Widespread and effective drug education has been proven effective in changing young people’s minds about drug use.

In a scientific study recently published in the online journal Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention and Policy showed that students exposed to the Narconon drug education curriculum changed their ideas about using drugs, most particularly marijuana, methamphetamines and alcohol. For the full content of this study, please go to:


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