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Narconon Successful Drug Recovery Program

A successful drug recovery program can save a heroin addict's life. Without one, his or her next fix may result in convulsions, coma and/or even death. As one of the most successful drug recovery programs in the country, Narconon Arrowhead specializes in heroin addiction, helping addicts to regain control of their lives and to learn how to live a sober lifestyle.

Narconon Drug Recovery Treatment Success Rates

Since 1966, Narconon has offered one of the most successful drug recovery programs available for heroin addicts, resulting in more than 70 percent of graduates remaining drug-free. Other recovery programs don't come anywhere near these success rates.

The Narconon Drug Addiction Recovery Program Difference

Our drug recovery treatment program is licensed by the Oklahoma epartment of Mental Health and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. The program combines a number of rehabilitation methods, but at its core is a physical detoxification process that contributes greatly to its success.

The detox program in our drug addiction recovery program revolves around sauna therapy. In other words, the heroin addict sweats the drug and any drug residues out of his system. Clearing the body of toxins allows the addict to recover without the cravings or relapses residues often can trigger. We also do not use medications during our detox, as we do not believe in substituting one drug for another to get clean. Years of experience prove that a natural, sauna-based detox therapy such as the one we use results in success for heroin addicts.

Additional Narconon Drug Addiction Recovery Program Therapies

After the sauna-based detox, heroin addicts take part in individual and group behavioral therapies that teach them to take responsibility for actions and behaviors in order to leave addiction behind. They also learn life skills to help them cope with the world outside of our drug recovery program.

Contact Us Regarding Drug Recovery Treatment

To take the next step, for either yourself or a loved one, contact one of our Staff. You can call (800) 468-6933 or fill out the contact form located throughout this website. If you or your loved one is not quite ready to begin the intake process, we encourage studying the information found throughout our website. We offer extensive information about drug addiction, including heroin addiction, to help the addict understand not only addiction itself but also how our drug recovery program differs from others and offers the best possible chance for success. You also will find information about the Narconon Arrowhead facility, including videos and photo tours. There are hundreds of testimonials as well, given by former heroin addicts who we have helped get clean and stay that way. These testimonials represent best why ours is one of the most successful drug recovery programs in the country.