There are no less than nine Narconon drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation centers in the United States, and more than double that worldwide. Listed below is a brief description of the Narconon rehab programs located in the U.S., including Narconon locations like Narconon Texas, Narconon Louisiana, and of course, the lead Narconon addiction treatment center, Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma:

  1. Narconon Arrowhead. Located at 69 Arrowhead Loop, Canadian, OK 74425, the Narconon Arrowhead treatment center is the leading Narconon program in the world. This treatment center has been the flagship of Narconon programs everywhere for over fifty years, and this center is also the international training center for all of the Narconon staff worldwide. This treatment center helps their students triumph over addiction and stabilize in their recovery, delivering an effective approach to helping all who come to them to obtain stability and total abstinence from drugs and alcohol that lasts a lifetime.

  2. Narconon Ojai. Narconon Ojai is an exclusive Narconon drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. Narconon Ojai is dedicated to helping their students achieve freedom from addiction for good. Narconon Ojai is truly exclusive, as it stands secluded and peaceful on no less than 43 acres perched atop a beautiful mountain peak in Ojai, California. The serenity and the peace of mind that this center commands is exquisite, as the program offers a vantage point that commands a spectacular 360 degree view of the surrounding and mountains and countryside.

  3. Narconon Suncoast. Florida has one of the worst drug and alcohol addiction problems in the country, and Narconon Suncoast is there to help with that crisis. Narconon Suncoast uses the unique Narconon program to address Florida’s addiction epidemic. Opening its doors to Florida addicts everywhere, Narconon Suncoast offers a calming and peaceful treatment approach that gives the Sun State’s addicts a new chance at a new life.

  4. Narconon Warner Springs. Located at 35025 Highway 79, Warner Springs, CA, 92086, Narconon Warner Springs offers a very private, quiet, calming approach to drug and alcohol addiction that utilizes in its fullest the Narconon program. Narconon Warner Springs also features a pool deck, a stress-relieving Jacuzzi, a state of the art fitness center, and a private jogging path. This program is secluded and peaceful, so students of this Narconon program can focus solely on their recovery.

  5. Narconon Nevada. Located in a state that has needed drug and alcohol addiction help for some time, Narconon Nevada offers a peaceful and focused approach to assisting their clients in triumphing over drug and alcohol addiction. The Narconon Nevada program utilizes the full Narconon approach, from the Drug-Free Withdrawal, to the New Life Detox, to the Objectives program, to the Life Skills courses, and more. Students are also able to reside in comfort in cozy rooms and take part in nutritious dining too.

  6. Narconon Colorado. Located at 1225 Redwood St., Fort Collins, CO, 80524, Narconon Colorado assists students in pulling themselves out of the morass that is drug and alcohol addiction and in gaining the tools and the technologies necessary to focus energy and attention on a new life that is drug free. The Narconon Colorado treatment center is pleasant and aesthetic, and it also offers calming amenities and a peaceful, recovery-minded environment.

  7. Narconon South Texas. Located at 17697 ABD Road, Harlingen, TX, 78552, Narconon South Texas is a country-set drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, offering the ideal setting for helping people work their way out of an addiction crisis. The Narconon South Texas treatment center fully applies the Narconon program, giving their students the tools and the technologies needed to fully free themselves from the deadly grips of drug and alcohol addiction.

  8. Narconon New Life Retreat. Located at 35059 Bend Road, Denham Springs, LA, 70706 and nestled in the heart of Louisiana’s most beautiful countrysides, the Narconon New Life Retreat rehab center supports total abstinence from drug and alcohol use in their students. The Narconon New Life Retreat also offers a pool, patio, and fitness center all tucked away on a private, fifteen acre campus, affording students with a peaceful, quiet, and beautiful setting to focus on their recoveries in.

  9. Narconon Freedom Center. Located at 809 W. Erie Street, Albion, MI, 49224, the Narconon Freedom Center has been saving hundreds of lives a year for over twenty years. The Narconon Freedom Center rests on the outskirts of a historic, Michigan small town, and the peaceful, wooded, ten acres affords students with comfort and a relaxing, safe environment where they can focus on their treatment programs. The Narconon Freedom Center has taken every factor of recovery from drugs and alcohol into account, from the right nutrition plan, to the right exercise options, even to forested walking paths for evening relaxation.

An Effective Method for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Each one of these Narconon programs offers stability and sobriety for those who need to beat drug and alcohol addiction. Narconon is a successful treatment approach that has been in use all across the planet for over fifty years. It is a totally unique and special treatment program that works to afford students with all of the tools and all of the technologies necessary to beat addiction for good.

From the peaceful, country setting of Narconon Louisiana to the hustle and bustle of Narconon Arrowhead, one of the largest rehabilitation centers in the country, Narconon programs offer the tools and the treatment approaches necessary and needed to help people truly work through their addiction crisis and come out winning on the other end.

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