CVS Donating Drug Disposal Receptacles to Organizations

CVS/pharmacy® teamed-up with The Partnership at to in the creation of an innovative community donation program. Local police departments can submit an application to receive a drug collection unit for the purpose of helping their local communities dispose of unwanted medications-- including controlled substances—in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.  Drug collection programs implemented by law enforcement help rid communities of expired, unwanted and unused medications that otherwise may be abused, diverted or contaminate our water supply.

Medication Disposal for Safer Communities Program

CVS/pharmacy, aware of the importance of removing unused, expired or unwanted medications, has established the Medication Disposal for Safer Communities Program to assist communities to remove these drugs from communities in a manner which is safe and environmentally responsible.

On its website, CVS/pharmacy outlines its commitment to supporting local law enforcement efforts through its key programs.  These include:

  •          Supporting Local Drug Take Back Events

CVS/pharmacy makes a portion of its store parking lot available to any law enforcement agency that wishes to hold Take-Back event in the community.  CVS cites National Drug Take Back Day as an example of an agency using one of their locations for a drug collection event.

CVS/pharmacy notes the benefit of holding a drug Take-Back event at its conveniently located stores with easy traffic access; and promotes community awareness of the event at the event location in the weeks prior to the date of the event.

  •          Promoting Local Drug Disposal Collection Site Programs

CVS/pharmacy assists in helping to raise awareness of the permanent onsite drug disposal collection
programs through its customized signage in local CVS/pharmacy store(s).

The in-store signage lists the collection site address, and hours or days of operation.  CVS/pharmacy maintains ongoing posting of information until which time local law enforcement requests otherwise.

Drug Disposal Receptacles

CVS/Pharmacy and The Medicine Abuse Project (MAP) have teamed-up to provide 1,000 new drug collection units across the nation. MAP was launched by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids in 2012 with the 5-year goal of preventing half-a-million teenagers from abusing medicine.

Committed to reducing substance abuse by teens and supporting addiction-impacted families, the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids raises awareness of teenage substance abuse through its public education campaigns.  The organization also leads efforts to inspire young people to stay healthy, make positive decisions, and avoid alcohol and drugs.

The purpose of the drug disposal receptacles is to provide a safe and environmentally responsible way for community residents to dispose of unused, expired or unwanted medication and controlled substances.

Reducing the amount of prescription medications in residents’ homes and decreasing prescription drug abuse especially amongst teens is another purpose of the drug disposal units.  Prescription drug abuse continues to escalate, and 70 percent of teens reported it is easy to obtain prescription drugs from the family medicine cabinet in the most recent Partnership for Drug-Free Kids survey in 2014.

The CVS/pharmacy donation program supports the Medication Abuse Projects goal to prevent teen prescription drug abuse, and it is the only retail pharmacy sponsoring this program.  Furthermore, it serves as an adjunct to the CVS/pharmacy Medications Disposal for Safer Communities Program.

According to senior VP of Retail Pharmacy at CVS Health, Josh Flum, installing the drug collection receptacles is part of the ongoing commitment of CVS/pharmacy to fight U.S. prescription drug abuse.  It is also a way to help people in local communities stay on a path to better health.