Cocaine Drug Rehab Philadelphia

As the threat of cocaine addiction strikes the city, Philadelphia residents consider the benefit of cocaine drug rehab.

Cocaine is the primary drug threat in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and crack cocaine, in particular, is a serious threat due to the drug\s low cost, wide availability, and strong association with violent crime. Cocaine is transported into the city by Colombian and Dominican drug trafficking organizations, local and citywide independent transporters, some members of street gangs, and to a lesser extent, Mexican and Jamaican criminal groups and outlaw motorcycle gangs.  Cocaine addiction becomes a serious issue to residents of the area and the need for cocaine drug rehab, education and addiction treatment weighs heavy on many minds.

Most cocaine is transported into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in private or rented vehicles along major highways, via public transportation (buses, trains, and commercial air carriers), and by way of express mail. Colombian and Dominican drug trafficking organizations are the primary cocaine wholesale and midlevel suppliers throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Loosely formed retail distribution groups and some members of street gangs dominate the retail drug trade in the city\'s urban areas, and local independent dealers, who obtain much of their drug supply from urban areas, dominate the retail market in most midsize cities and smaller towns.  The venues for transportation and distribution of the drug are expanding and the need for cocaine drug rehab becomes a serious issue.

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