Methamphetamine Drug Rehab Philadelphia

As methamphetamine abuse continues to rise in Philadelphia, effective drug education and methamphetamine drug rehab programs will help this growing plauge. 

The methamphetamine situation is in a transitional stage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Production, distribution, and methamphetmaine abuse are limited, although there is evidence of an increase in production in some areas of the commonwealth.  Most of the increase has occurred in rural areas, suggesting that methamphetamine abuse has risen there as well.

The Philadelphia City Police and the U.S. Attorneys in the Middle and Western Districts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania report that methamphetamine production, distribution, and methamphetamine abuse are emerging problems, and law enforcement officials in various locations reported a rise in methamphetamine activity in 2000.  The production, availability, and abuse of higher-purity d-methamphetamine have been rising, and that of lower-purity dl-methamphetamine has been dropping in the city. Most methamphetamine is distributed in ounce to multiounce quantities; larger quantities are available primarily in the Philadelphia area. Local independent dealers and outlaw motorcycle gangs are the city\s primary methamphetamine distributors.

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