Cocaine Drug Rehab Phoenix

The abuse of cocaine in Phoenix, Arizona is increasing daily and effective cocaine drug rehab programs will help in the quest for drug free lives.

Powdered cocaine and crack cocaine are two drugs that are widely available and frequently abused throughout the state; however, crack cocaine is more readily available in larger metropolitan areas such as Phoenix and Tucson. Mexican DTOs and criminal groups dominate the transportation of cocaine into Phoenix, Arizona. They generally smuggle cocaine from Mexico to Arizona through and between POEs along the U.S.-Mexico border. Mexican DTOs and criminal groups control wholesale powdered cocaine distribution. Hispanic street gangs and African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian independent dealers dominate retail powdered cocaine distribution in Pheonix. African American and Hispanic street gangs and independent dealers control the retail distribution of crack cocaine.  As addiction to the drug is on the rise the need for cocaine drug rehab, education and addiction treatment becomes a prevelant issue.

A solution to cocaine abuse is a concern to Phoenix law enforcement agencies and to assist them in finding a workable solution there is a great need for effective cocaine drug rehab programs.  Of the 48 Arizona law enforcement respondents to the NDTS 2002, 14 reported high levels of powdered cocaine abuse in their jurisdictions, 13 reported medium levels of abuse, and 8 reported low abuse levels. Cocaine was a factor in more deaths from 1998 through 2001 than any other illicit drug. Cocaine is the second most frequently detected illicit drug (after marijuana) in employment-related screenings in Arizona. Cocaine abuse and addiction is prevalent among adolescents in Arizona. 

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