Methamphetamine Drug Rehab Phoenix

Methamphetamine addiction in the Phoenix area is on the rise so the need for effective methamphetamine drug rehab is on the forefront.

Methamphetamine is the primary choice for drug abuse to Arizona. High purity, low cost methamphetamine is readily available, and methamphetamine abuse occurs throughout the state. Crystal methamphetamine is becoming increasingly available throughout Phoenix, Arizona; some areas report higher levels of crystal methamphetamine abuse than powdered methamphetamine.  With the popularity of the drug increasing the need for effective drug rehab is on the minds of area residents.

Methamphetamine produced in Mexico is the predominant type available in the state. They typically produce the drug in ounce quantities using the iodine/red phosphorus method. Methamphetamine abuse is increasing in Phoenix. The number of amphetamine/methamphetamine-related emergency department (ED) mentions in the Phoenix metropolitan area has increased for the past 5 years. According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), amphetamine/methamphetamine-related ED mentions increased from 808 in 1998 to 860 in 1999, 1,261 in 2000, 1,492 in 2001, and 1,937 in 2002.  As methamphetamine producers find more ways to make and distribute the drug residents of Phoenix feel the heat of the debate about methamphetamine drug rehab.

In 2002 the rate of methamphetamine-related ED mentions per 100,000 population in the Phoenix metropolitan area (17) was dramatically higher than the rate nationwide (7). The number of individuals testing positive for methamphetamine in employment-related drug screenings in Arizona also has increased in recent years. Methamphetamine abuse is very common among adult male arrestees in Phoenix; methamphetamine abuse also occurs among adult male arrestees in Tucson, but to a lesser extent. According to the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM) program, in 2001, 25.3 percent of adult male arrestees who were screened for drug abuse tested positive for methamphetamine use in Phoenix, and 5.4 percent tested positive in Tucson.  Methamphetamine abuse see\s no prejudice, it affects all walks of life making the need for methamphetamine drug rehab an important issue for everyone in the area. 

Phoenix had the fifth highest rate of methamphetamine abuse among the 31 cities reported by ADAM.  Methamphetamine commonly is abused among adolescents in Phoenix. The drug is becoming increasingly popular among teenagers, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Phoenix Division. According to the 2002 State of Arizona Youth Survey, which is conducted by the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission (ACJC), 5.9 percent of junior and senior high school students reported that they had used methamphetamine/amphetamines at least once in their lifetime. Moreover, 8.6 percent of twelfth grade students, 6.8 percent of tenth grade students, and 2.9 percent of eighth grade students in Arizona reported using methamphetamine/amphetamines at least once in their lifetime.  As the statistics on the drug give proof positive there is a problem the need for methamphetamine drug rehab becomes a hot topic.

Violence often is associated with the production, distribution, and abuse of methamphetamine in Arizona. Methamphetamine-related violence poses a significant threat to the state. According to the Office of the Arizona Attorney General, methamphetamine is the illicit drug most commonly associated with violent crime in Arizona. The Maricopa County Sheriff\'s Office reports that methamphetamine production and distribution are the greatest contributors to increasing rates of violent crime in its jurisdiction. Moreover, of the 36 Arizona law enforcement respondents to the NDTS 2002 who reported methamphetamine-related violence in their jurisdictions, 24 reported an increase in the threat posed by methamphetamine to the safety and security of citizens. Law enforcement officials throughout the state attribute an increase in violent crimes such as homicide, domestic violence, child abuse, robbery, burglary, and assault to rising methamphetamine abuse. To aid in prevention of teen methamphetamine abuse, effective drug education and rehabilitation is needed throughout Phoenix. 

Methamphetamine production poses serious safety and environmental concerns to Arizona. The production process creates toxic and hazardous waste that endangers law enforcement personnel, emergency response teams, adults and children who reside in or near the homes of methamphetamine producers, and the environment. Moreover, many precursor chemicals are volatile and can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly; in several incidents law enforcement officials have discovered laboratories because of explosions that resulted from improper chemical handling.  The dangers in production of the drug fuel the need for methamphetamine drug rehab in the area. 

Methamphetamine typically is smuggled from Mexico into Arizona in private and commercial vehicles. The drug also is smuggled into the state by pedestrians, couriers aboard buses and aircraft, and package delivery services. Traffickers employ a variety of concealment methods to smuggle methamphetamine into Arizona, particularly when using vehicles. Concealment locations in vehicles include seats, gas tanks, quarter panels, dashboards, air cleaners, and headlights. Retail methamphetamine abusers distribute by location throughout the state. In the Phoenix area, Caucasian and Mexican independent dealers dominate retail methamphetamine distribution.  As the venues for transportation and distribution expand so does the need for effective methamphetamine drug rehab. 

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