Drug Rehab Clinic

ImageAre you looking for an alternative to a drug rehab clinic for yourself or someone you love? Narconon Arrowhead is a relaxed drug rehab facility that offers it's clients a drug-free atmosphere, where they can get away from the battles of everyday life and concentrate on recovering from their addiction. A drug rehab clinic is a place where someone might go for drug maintenance for example, a methadone clinic. This type of clinic is not necessarily the type of treatment option that we, here at Narconon Arrowhead, would agree with.  When it comes to treatment, we are dedicated to getting the addict recovered fully without the use of other drugs or medications as a replacement. Replacing one drug for another is not really helpful to an addict who is trying to overcome the barriers of addiction. This substitution is a restrictive action that gives them false hope and keeps them chained to a life of drugs and unhappiness. Is this really the life style a person wants to live? Does a person want to be reliant on drugs just to make it through each day? No, even those who are currently addicted are searching for a way out of the darkness so they can be happy.

Narconon Arrowhead, Narconon's premier facility located in Oklahoma, is dedicated 100% to healing addicted lives. Addiction often destroys the lives of tha addict and the addicts' families by taking away their dreams, their ambitions, their futures, and even their lives. The solution for addiction lies in understanding what addiction really is and a drug-free handling for that addiction. Many treatment facilities and clinics believe once you are an addict, then you are always an addict but that is not true. Addiction can be left behind permanently, and a person can build a new life full of enjoyment and promise. Recovery and being drug-free is not unattainable. When addiction does exist, the individual is no longer in control; the drug is in control of the individual. Masking the true wants, needs, and desires of the person taking them further down the endless spiral of addiction. The life cycle of addiction begins with a problem or pain. When the person has no immediate answer, they find relief in drugs or alcohol and can be on the road to addiction.

There are many schools of thought about addiction and how it works but recovery rates for those are only 16% to 20%. That is not very high. Narconon's success rate is 76% of those who graduate our drug free program. Many of those who graduate stay on to train in the field of addiction so that they can give back and help others who may be suffering from similar difficulties. Our program is designed to help addicts recover from all the barriers of addiction so that they can be whole again. No one wants to live a life of misery and pain but when addiction is part of your life that is what you get. If you or someone you love is addicted and looking for an alternative to drug rehab clinic treatments please call 1-800-468-6933 and speak to one of our counselors now.