Canada Endeavors to Solve Addiction Problems by Reformulating OxyContin into “OxyNeo”

Just like in the US, Canada has problems with people abusing the prescription painkiller OxyContin. After years of proposals back and forth, Purdue Pharmaceutical finally formed an agreement with the Canadian Government to distribute a new formulation of OxyContin that would be hard to abuse. That solution was OxyNeo and it began be stocked in Canadian pharmacies in March 2012. 

OxyNeo provides a full dose of oxycodone but the pill cannot be crushed, which is what abusers do when they want to snort this drug. It cannot be dissolved to permit someone to inject the drug. The pill just turns into a thick jelly that can’t be pulled into a syringe. 

There might be some officials in the Canadian Government who think that this will solve the problem. The primary effect of this change could very well be to drive addicted people to other drugs. After all, because the formula changes, it does not mean that their cravings for drugs change. 

Sure enough, a report on from July 2012 stated that the supply of fentanyl, a very strong opiate painkiller, was drying up in Ottawa because oxycodone abusers had to find a new drug. But there were no reports of a surge in heroin overdose deaths that might have been expected due to people’s search for another source of opiate. 

As quickly as the formula changed, there were instructions available on the internet on how to break down this jelly-like pill and abuse it. This points out the fact that the only real solution is to help those who are addicted leave the cravings and the compulsions behind and build a new, sober life. 

America’s Experience with the Drug Differed 

When the US formulation of OxyContin changed to OxyContin OP, there was a shift in drug abuse patterns to other opiates. Opana (hydromorphone) became more popular, along with heroin. In fact, there are many other opiates around and certainly those who supplied opiate addicts with OxyContin would be looking for new sources as soon as the change took place. 

And also certainly, articles sprang up on the internet to instruct people on how to abuse the new pills. 

Unfortunately, in city after city, local newspapers carried stories of young people who turned to heroin abuse to feed their addictions because OxyContin was not easy to get and use any more. Too many young people died because the heroin they got was much stronger than they expected. 

In every corner of America, there are people struggling with opiate addiction. Many have already been through rehabilitation, often more than once. 

When families choose Narconon Arrowhead to help their loved one with an addiction to opiates or any drug, in most cases it is the only rehab they will need. Seven out of ten graduates remain sober after they go through this program. At centers around the world, the Narconon program has been saving lives for more than forty-five years. In Oklahoma, this effective program has been offered for more than two decades. 

Narconon Arrowhead’s Ideal Location

Located in the middle of the country and so accessible to every corner, Narconon Arrowhead is set in beautiful rolling hills. The main lodge overlooks the largest lake in Oklahoma. Here, a person can find a peaceful place to focus on recovery, far from the drug dealers or problems they left behind. 

This program is usually completed in three to five months, though some people may take longer. There is no set schedule for how long this rehab program should take. A person finishes when they have developed the life skills to stay sober after they leave. 

The life skills training is not just classroom study – each person is expected to put the lessons they learn to work to resolve the problems created by addiction. Some people restore relationships with family. Many recover the self-respect that was destroyed by addiction. Other work out how they can give back to the communities they damaged with their drug abuse and crimes.

The Narconon program’s deep detoxification step addresses the toxic drug residues that remain locked in fatty tissues after drug abuse. The body carries away most of the toxic products from drugs, but some residues are never cleared away. They can have lasting effects on thinking and mood, disabling a person from clear, fast thought. By flushing out these residues with a combination of time in a sauna, exercise and a strict regimen of nutrition, each can feel the improvement in mood and thinking that occurs when these drugs leave. Most say that their cravings are greatly reduced or gone as well. 

The result is a person who is free to be sober and who has the skills to make drug-free decisions. If this sounds like what you want for your loved one, call Narconon Arrowhead today at 1-800-468-6933 today.