Celebrity Deaths Illustrate Dangers of Mixing Drugs

When Whitney Houston died in February 2012, it was a lesson in the way that drug use can be a cause of unnecessary death. Ms. Houston died in her bathtub with marijuana, Xanax, a muscle relaxant and an antihistamine in her body. While toxicology reports did not note if she currently had cocaine in her body, she was said to be a recent and chronic cocaine abuser, which contributed to her death. 

She joins other celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger who caused or contributed to their own death by having multiple drugs in their bodies. Some of these drugs may have been prescribed and others may have been the result of substance abuse but overall, the message is clear. Drugs can kill and a mixture of drugs may kill faster. In each of these cases, there were multiple prescription pill bottles left behind. 

Suppressing Respiration 

A well-known side effect of the use of several types of drugs is the suppression of breathing. Some drugs slow down the heart as well. Alcohol and opiates are well known for this effect, and if they are combined with benzodiazepines, the result has been deadly in too many cases. But a person accustomed to abusing one drug or the other may not realize that he (or she) can kill himself by combining them. 

The best solution is for a person to get off all drugs. This may be impossible for some people unless they go through an addiction treatment program that eliminates the desire to abuse drugs. The addicted person who goes through a short-term program will get clean of drugs for a month or so, but few people can overcome the drive to abuse drugs in that short time. Addiction is mental as well as physical. It’s well known that triggers in the environment can cause a person to crave drugs again. Seeing the old drug-using girlfriend, the drug dealer, drug-using friends or locations where drugs were used can give the recovering addict that old feeling again. A little nudge from an old associate to just “try this once” may result in a severe relapse. 

It is unfortunately not uncommon for a person leaving a short-term rehab program or even incarceration to be planning where to get drugs as soon as possible. What is needed is a program that digs in and lifts the cravings, guilt and depression off an addicted person, letting them build a new, sober life without interference. 

Narconon Arrowhead Guides the Building of a New, Sober Life 

For more than twenty years, the Narconon center in Oklahoma has been helping people replace addiction with lasting sobriety. The reason for its success is the innovative Narconon drug rehabilitation program. This long-term program directly addresses the factors that imprison a person in addiction: guilt, cravings and depression. Without relief of these factors, a person may be driven back into substance abuse just to find relief and oblivion. When drunk or stoned, it may not matter any more that the rent money is gone or that one’s spouse has left with the children. 

So the focus of the Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab program is the resolving of these factors. Each person is guided through counseling and life skills training that enables a person to learn how to resolve guilt. As the guilt comes off, it is very usual for each person to talk about the “weight” that was lifted from their shoulders. 

Cravings are alleviated by the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, one phase of the overall recovery program. This phase utilizes time in a sauna, nutritional supplements and moderate daily exercise to enable the body to flush out old drug toxins. As the toxins leave, participants talk about how the cravings leave with them. 

Depression is lifted initially by the the administration nutritional supplements that have long been known to contribute to a higher mood. Depression continues to resolve as each person can see their new sober life being created day by day. 

The outcome of the Narconon Arrowhead drug recovery program is that seven out of ten graduates find lasting sobriety after they get home. Many help other people in their communities find the Narconon Arrowhead program too, because they know that it works. 

When a person has hope for a sober future that does not involve struggling with cravings and depression each day, they have the gift of recovery from drug addiction. This is the result for the young person who has been abusing prescription drugs for a few years and the alcoholic who has been drinking for much of his life. 

Help someone get started on this road today. Call Narconon Arrowhead today at 1-800-468-6933. Find out how someone you care about can find that sober life they wish for more than anything else.