Program Narconon Arrowhead

The Narconon program is based on research and breakthroughs in the field of drug rehabilitation. After intense research into the effects of drugs, it was discovered what it would take to enable a person to recover from addiction – physically, morally, mentally and spiritually. These researches were refined into the Narconon program that exists today, with a success rate over 70%. The program starts with a withdrawal process that is quite tolerable for most people. Nutritional supplements are used to support the body’s detoxification process and begin to alleviate depression. Gentle physical techniques are used to calm spasms, aches and pains. Gradual reorientation processes are used to help the person realize that he is now safe and in a new, completely drug-free environment. Constant monitoring tracks the person’s vital signs, appetite and sleep so staff can be sure the person is safely and comfortably coming off drugs.

As soon as the person has stably withdrawn from drugs or alcohol, he is ready to start gaining the life skills he needs to deal with his problems, instead of wiping them out with drugs or alcohol. He or she must gain basic communication skills and an ability to confront his or her problems, people and life. This is accomplished through the eight phases of the Narconon program. The first phase is the Therapeutic Training Routines Course. This course starts by teaching the components of areal exchange of communication with understanding, followed by thorough drills to help the person develop the ability to use communication effectively in life. On this course, the student begins to improve his ability to focus, his self-control and his ability to communicate and interact with others.

The next step is the innovative Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This remarkable program has been helping people flush out drug metabolites and toxins for nearly 30 years. After receiving medical approval to start, and under continuous and close supervision, people on this program exercise to stimulate circulation, spend time in a dry sauna and take a specific regimen of vitamins and minerals proven to support thorough detoxification. The end result of this program is a person who can think more clearly and whose physical cravings have been alleviated.

The next service on the Narconon program is the Learning Improvement Course. This course enables a person to identify and overcome common barriers to study and understanding. Once this is done, the person is able to benefit more fully from all the steps of study and application that follow.

The Communication and Perception Course follows. Anyone who is around an addict can see that the addict suffers from disabilities in communicating and perceiving his real environment. Even after he stops using drugs or alcohol, a person may be fixed in past experiences and not be able to enjoy the life he is currently living. The Communication and Perception Course is designed to bring the person fully back into communication with his current environment and to restore his perceptions of the real world. The student gains self-control, an enhanced ability to perceive the environment and improved skills in identifying and solving life’s problems. Seeing the world a sit really exists is an essential part of relieving depression and guilt and leaving addiction far behind.

To avoid situations that would lead to drug use in the future, a person must be able to identify true friends and isolate those whose company would lead back into trouble, drug use and addiction. This essential life skill is developed on the Ups and Downs in Life Course. By doing this course, a person learns how poor decisions regarding friends and acquaintances damaged his life in the past, and how to make improved choices in the future.

The next course constitutes a critical step forward for the former addict. On the Personal Values and Integrity Course, a person learns about personal ethics, how integrity is lost and exactly how it can be restored. This study is followed by the restoration procedure whereby a person gains relief from the trauma and guilt of his misdeeds. By the end of this course, a person has improved his ability to survive well and create a new life for himself. He no longer feels guilty about his past and he is able to move forward into a positive future.

Because drug or alcohol use often stems from an in ability to deal with challenging situations, former addicts must learn better problem-solving skills. This is addressed on the Changing Conditions in Life Course. In this course, a person learns that any situation can be resolved while keepin one’s integrity intact. The exact procedures to follow to make choices about survival and resolve personal conflict are taught and then applied to one’s life.

And finally, the person gets a brand new look at how to live a moral life that leads to personal happiness. The Way to Happiness® Course materials have been used around the world, in businesses, war zones, schools and jails to help people learn to live happier lives, and it is an essential part of the Narconon program. Practical steps that follow the study provide a person with a subjective reality on where he has gone wrong and exactly how he can do better in the future.

Addiction is not unraveled in 28 days. Each person progresses at their own pace, usually completing the program n three to four months. This gives them the time and support they need to actually rebuild a new life from the ground up to replace the one that was destroyed by drugs or alcohol. The end result for the family is that they have their loved one back. The end result for the graduate is a drug free life, free also from cravings, depression and guilt.