Cocaine Drug Rehab San Diego

Cocaine, particularly crack, is a serious drug threat to San Diego making the need for cocaine drug rehab a serious issue.

Cocaine continues to flow into the San Diego area from Mexico. Law enforcement reports that Mexican DTOs are the major sources of cocaine. Although most of the cocaine smuggled into the district is transshipped to San Diego and other areas, cocaine continues to be classified as a threat in San Diego. The residents of San Diego are concerned about the teen drug abuse in the city and are interested in cocaine drug rehab, drug education and addiction treatment. 

Most of the cocaine smuggled into the area is transshipped to San Diego for transport to other cities across the country. However, wholesale distribution of powdered cocaine in the San Diego area is usually controlled by Mexican DTOs. At the retail level, crack cocaine is seen more often than powdered cocaine. African-American street gangs usually control the street-level distribution of crack cocaine. The availability of cocaine is increasing, as is the need for cocaine drug rehab in San Diego.

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