Methamphetamine Drug Rehab San Diego

Methamphetamine is one of the highest drug threats to San Diego primarily because of the drug\s ready availability and area residents feel the need for methamphetamine drug rehab, education and addiction treatment.

Statistics report that methamphetamine production, trafficking, and abuse constitute the most serious drug threat in San Diego, California and that methamphetamine is the drug of choice and is available in all quantities.  With all the available venues for transportation and distribution the need for methamphetamine drug rehab programs becomes a very hot topic amongst area residents.

The San Diego Sheriff\'s Department identifies methamphetamine as a stable but major threat.  Information from law enforcement sources at the federal, state, and local levels in San Diego indicates that a large percentage of their resources are focused on the methamphetamine problem. Although methamphetamine continues to be classified as the number one threat in the region, methamphetamine use appears to have declined from previous high levels. Various drug use reports indicate that methamphetamine use is down. Although the use has declined, the need for the methamphetamine drug rehab in San Diego is still high.

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