Cocaine Drug Rehab San Francisco

Cocaine is a serious drug threat to San Francisco, California and this makes the need for cocaine drug rehab a serious issue.

After methamphetamine and heroin, cocaine is the next most serious drug threat in San Francisco, California. Cocaine use, of both powdered and crack forms, is steady in the region.  According to 1999 ADAM data, 15 percent of male and 30 percent of female arrestees in San Francisco tested positive for cocaine.  As cocaine is spread throughout the area the need for cocaine drug rehab is ever widening.

Available law enforcement data indicate that there is no coca cultivated or cocaine produced in San Francisco, California. However, many retail distributors convert powdered cocaine to crack. Street gangs play an important role in cocaine distribution in San Francisco, California. Statistics report that many significant Hispanic and African American gangs have ties to and receive wholesale quantities of cocaine from street gangs in Southern California. African-American gangs and trafficking groups--many of which are affiliated with violent gangs such as the Crips, the Bloods, and the Black Guerrilla Family--are prime distributors of crack in San Francisco, California. African-American gangs distribute roughly 80 percent of the crack within the African-American community and the remainder to drive-up customers on street corners.  More and more residents are at risk which makes the issue of cocaine drug rehab such an important issue to the area and to those who reside there and near.

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