Heroin Drug Rehab San Francisco

With heroin use and subsequent addiction on the rise in San Francisco the need for heroin drug rehab becomes a hot topic for residents there.

Black tar heroin from Mexico is plentiful in San Francisco, California, and prices remain low. With few exceptions, tightly knit Mexican groups control the transportation and distribution of heroin. In Sacramento, according to 1999 ADAM data, 4 percent of male and 5 percent of female arrestees tested positive for opiates of any kind. Violent crime and property crimes are attributed to street gangs distributing heroin. These street gangs are involved in crimes such as assault, auto theft, bank robbery, carjacking, drive-by shooting, homicide, assault on law enforcement officials, weapons distribution, and home invasion in furtherance of their gang objectives and to protect their gang turf. As more and more of San Francisco\s youth tries on the drug the need for heroin drug rehab increases.

Arrests for heroin-related offenses numbered 7,214 in San Francisco County in 1998, a 10 percent increase over 1997 and the highest number in 6 years. However, few agencies report violence associated with heroin use, in contrast to methamphetamine use. In San Francisco, burglaries ascribed to heroin users decreased by 39 percent from 1993 to 1998 (11,164 to 6,831). There were 17 percent fewer burglaries in the first 10 months of 1999 than in the same period of 1998. Even though violence associated with the drug is low the need for heroin drug rehab, education and addiction treatment remains high.

Opium is not cultivated in San Francisco, California nor is heroin produced. In rare cases, ethnic Asians grow small plots of opium poppies in their backyard gardens for personal use. Hispanic gangs have been smuggling brown powdered heroin from Mexico into the San Francisco area for distribution and personal use. The drug is smuggled across the border in vehicles or buses to major cities for transshipment to destinations in San Francisco, California and other western cities. Mexican DTOs remain the key wholesale distributors of heroin in San Francisco, California, according to federal, city, and local law enforcement reporting. However, Asian criminal groups have attempted to strengthen their position as major wholesale distributors outside California.  With so many available venues for transportation and distribution of the drug the need for heroin drug rehab is on the rise.

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