Marijuana Drug Rehab San Francisco

Marijuana use is rising rapidly in San Francisco, California, as is the need for the marijuana drug rehab.

Cannabis cultivation and marijuana use are widespread in San Francisco, California. Because of the costs associated with surveillance and the eradication of cannabis, some San Francisco, California authorities rank marijuana a more costly threat than cocaine. Medical marijuana initiatives complicate local law enforcement efforts throughout California. Authorities in some areas consider marijuana a more serious threat than cocaine because of manpower, violence, and financial issues. As this threat becomes greater in the area, effective drug rehab is needed.

Marijuana, particularly domestically produced marijuana, remains readily available in San Francisco, California. Growers reportedly employ armed guards to protect both indoor and outdoor grows. Growers may warn off intruders with flares and use pits filled with punji stakes, fishhooks dangling at eye level, guard dogs, or trip wires linked to shotguns, grenades, or other explosives. As marijuana growers get craftier the need for effective drug rehab increases.  In Marijuana grows present unique enforcement problems by virtue of their location and the notoriously hostile reception given to law enforcement in rural communities.

Growers use elaborate mechanisms to detect law enforcement infiltration and to protect their crops from poachers. Further, any significant law enforcement presence is immediately noted and communicated to those who might be interested. As a result, law enforcement officers engaged in such investigations are often at risk and are in need of effective solutions for these types of offenders, whether it is drug rehab or addiction education programs. Street gangs are responsible for a significant amount of retail marijuana distribution. Law enforcement officials report that many Hispanic and  African-American street gangs distribute marijuana in both metropolitan and rural areas of San Francisco, California.

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