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Center Addiction Substance Abuse

Drugs are ruining lives all over the World. When people become addicted to drugs they experience a downward spiral that will lead them to death or jail if they are not able to stop. Every one in society is affected by drug abuse. It is not just the addict and their family members that have to pay the price of drug use and abuse. When drugs take over a community, the crime rates go up, and the property value goes down. This causes everyone who lives or owns a business in the area to suffer. This is why there are so many center addiction substance abuse facilities. People in the drug infested communities are not the only ones who are affected negatively. Tax payers will be forced to pick up the bill for keeping drug offenders in jail. They will also have to pay for the welfare that the families will be on after the parents are imprisoned, dead or incapable of raising their children due to their habits. Then you have the War on Drugs. This is an actual war that gets federal funding that comes from the tax payers. All sorts of school programs and community services are provided by the government, which again is tax payer money.

All of this money could be better spent on our economic problems and bettering our communities, not just trying to save them from destruction. This is how it affects everyone in our country. Every American needs to be involved and active in trying to stop the rampant use of drugs. Many people who live in the suburbs or nicer areas do not think that drugs or the condition of the poor communities in our country is their problem. They do not realize how much time, energy and money we are spending trying to combat this problem. It affects everyone and eventually will push our country to the point of crisis.

Our prisons are overcrowded and our police are pushed to the limit. America has five percent of the Earth’s population and twenty five percent of its prisoners. The vast majority of these prisoners are drug offenders. They are receiving stiffer sentences than rapists and car thieves. This is not helping the problem, as we are obviously seeing in the continued growing numbers of offenders. The prison system is a huge money maker. Think about a hotel, why build more rooms when you can cram more people in the existing ones. This is exactly how our prisons work. Investors are looking at the prison industrial complex as a growth industry and encouraging people to invest. Center addiction substance abuse is a better way to try to help people than locking them up and leaving their children and families to fend for themselves.