Substance Abuse Rehab – Finding Help & a Treatment Program

Teen Substance Abuse Program

A big problem facing our country today is teen substance abuse. It seems that drugs are more available and accepted by teens than ever. The schools are seeing a major rise in drug and alcohol abuse among their students, and many of them are even becoming dealers who are making large profits off of the other student’s habits. The drug culture used to be the social outcasts in high schools, but now it seems that it is not only one group of kids that are doing them, but almost any type of student will be getting high or drunk. This creates the need for a specified type of treatment: a teen substance abuse program. One of the problems could be that colleges have such a bad problem with drinking and drugs, that it is starting to trickle down into the high schools. High school students have friends that are in college that they look up to. If their friend is telling them stories about wild parties and getting intoxicated, it may draw a young person to want to experience these things. The college student may even take their younger friend to a party on campus or at a fraternity house, exposing them to the decadence and depravity that is becoming more and more a part of college life.

College has always been known as a place to party, and it is no secret that people go over board and do crazy things, but the degree and frequency of these occurrences is what may be a serious cause for concern. More and more young students are being placed on attention deficit disorder drugs in order to help them study. If they haven’t been taking these types of drugs for their whole life already, they may find that the pressure of college is too great to face without the use of a powerful narcotic. When someone is taking powerful stimulants, they will not sleep, eat or drink as much fluids, but they will need to drink larger amounts of alcohol in order to get drunk.

Because more alcohol is needed in order to get drunk on these types of drugs, alcohol consumption will go up. The student may feel like they are in control of themselves because of the stimulant, but they are playing a dangerous game. Stimulants speed up the heart rate and alcohol slows it down. The combination of these two substances can be deadly. This is becoming more and more prevalent every year. As the pressures rise and the morals fall in our society, people are more inclined to let lose when they have the chance and push the limits. There may be help in a teen substance abuse program.